Sunday, April 13, 2014


Yesterday, Shopko had a sale so I picked up a stitching light and a small bookshelf for the sewing room.
Bob had to take the bookshelf out since it was very heavy.
He shut the back door of my car, not just the window and the whole window exploded.  
There is glass all over the garage and inside the car.
 Its an absolute mess

 I hope I won't be without wheels for long.  
That can really cramp a girl's style. 
 I needed some homespun to "finish" Christmas at Hollyberry Farm.
I googled it and found Jubilee Fabrics.
I thought the prices were reasonable.  
$4.95 a yard 
 I figured I could use this for patriotic pieces.
 And the buttons were onfsale, so of course....
I completed the stitching part of Cinnamon Hearts.  
Now, I have to finish it.  
How quick and fun was this!?
 As part of the Prim Stitchers Club through Dyeing to Stitch, on of the first projects was a needle pocket.
I completed it.  This was one of the motifs.
I decided I needed a new scissor fob so I used it.
The initials look a little cattywombus.
The backing material won't match the pocket but, it is a color in the same family as the 
Mountain Mist the peacock's tail.  
I may look for something better at the quilt store.

Hope your weekend was not as "bombastic" as ours.
Thanks for stopping and sending great comments
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  1. Wow! glad no one was hurt with that exploding window!! I love the homespun fabrics. I'd say they were a good deal.

  2. Lovely homespun fabrics; thank you for providing a link to them. Sorry about the window; hope you won't be without wheels for too long. Glad no one was hurt.

    Robin in Virginia

    PS Your stitching finishes look super!