Sunday, April 20, 2014

Rusty Safety Pins

Lets start with Happy Easter!

I decided to try rusting some safety pins I had.
I googled it and picked a method.  
The first method called for soaking the pins over night in bleach.  
They started rusting in a few hours.  
Look at all that rust.
This is only step one.
You let the pins soak in the bleach for 24 hours.  
Just before I drained them.  
The directions said to use the leftover bleach to clean your toilet.
It looked a little too bleak to clean a toilet with this.
I dumped it down the drain in the laundry room 
Step two is to fill with vinegar and health dose of salt.
I figured a tablespoon was healthy.  
Let it sit for another 24 hours.
Held the jar up and took a picture from the bottom. 
The third step is to let it try in the sun in the jar.  
I figure if it doesn't turn out, I will just buy some at Crosse Stitchery and Main Street Framing.
I have another recipe that uses vinegar, hydrogen peroxide and salt.  
I may try that one too. 

I started LHN My Sheep.
It is so cute and fun to stitch.  
You know I wouldn't stitch this stuff it it wasn't fun.  
I do have my list of things to get at the Stitching store.  
I need floss.  
Amazing when you have a pile of floss and you still need more.  

Hope you had a wonderful weekend and a very joyous Easter.  
We had ham and family here.  
Thanks for stopping and sharing comments. 
Keep on Stitching


  1. Hope the rusting technique was successful! It's always the same when it comes to floss....the one colour you need is the one you don't have! Enjoy the trip to the stitching store.

  2. Can't wait to hear how your pins turned out! Have a good trip to the LNS!

    Robin in Virginia

  3. Lovely new start Monica. Why is it that we are always missing a color of floss when we have so much of it at home?!?

  4. I've never tried rusting pins, have heard of others doing it, some successful and some not. Love your new start!