Sunday, April 27, 2014

Weekend Update But No Soap on LNS

We had a wonderful time in La Crosse seeing Katy.
She is doing really well.  
Her pain is under control and she just had testing.  
She has been struggling in college with test anxiety.
It started in high school.
We attributed it to her pain levels.
She has been working with a counsellor at school.
They have made special accomodations for her:  longer time to take a test and a smart pen to help take notes in class but, she was still struggling.
I suggested she try to see if the learning center would test her to see if there was something else going on.  
There is and the school system here knew something was up.  
When they graduated she got a folder from the school about some of the milestones.  
Things were identified in that but, nothing was done while she was young. 
It is amazing she has done as well as she has however, she has struggled.  
She is a really smart kid. 
She has some issues with dyslexia and visual memory so she apparently struggles with reading.
It was apparently a good thing that I read to them until they were in fourth grade.  
Now, she can take her tests in a room alone so she can talk them out.
She is getting her text books on cd and some tests are read to her. 
In her abnormal psychology class, her last test (with the new method), she scored a 98. 
The test before that one was an 86.   
We also got to see the lab she works in and will be working in this summer.  
She got her grant, so she is good to go.  

We didn't get to go to the cross stitch store in La Crosse.  
It was closed for a wedding....  :(
I was really bummed about that...oh well. 
I need a pile of thread so I just placed an order with 123 Stitch.  
We did go to the Antique Mall and I spent less than $20.
I got a small wicker basket that I can use for displaying.  
I also found some buttons.  
I'm starting to run out of old white buttons for embellishing.
I got some dandies.  
Many are old shell buttons.  \
 La Cross Buttons use to be made in La Crosse.
I think they use to make the shell buttons from local clams.  
I also found a really nice whisk broom.
I just wish I could remember what designer was using whisk brooms to finish.
I think it was Lori Brechlin but, it takes forever to go back and look at past posts.  
 We were so busy, I really didn't have much time to stitch. 
We did go to the bead store and got some bracelet kits and worked on them yesterday in the breakfast room of the Holiday Inn.  
We have so much fun doing that.  
 Lastly, here are the pins I tried to rust.  
I did get some more pins and I may try the hydrogen peroxide method.  
Going to be a rainy week and only in the 40's...hopefully no snow.
Hope you had a great weekend.  
Thanks for the wonderful comments when you stop by. 
Keep on Stitching


  1. It was Lori Brechlin; she did a pattern called Well Swept Farm. It may still be available on her Etsy site. Am glad to hear they are accommodating Katie and she is doing so well!

  2. shame the shop was closed but you got some good finds there .... not tried rusting pins yet ....deliberately at any rate
    so pleased that they are helping Katy with everything :) love mouse xxxxx

  3. Sounds like a nice visit, glad to hear accommodations are being made and Katy is thriving because of it and her smarts! You must be so your finds.

  4. With Thy Needle and Thread has some charts that she uses the whisk broom for chart is called Broom Hilda and then she has a Broom your finds... :)

  5. Both Notforgotten Farm and With Thy Needle and Thread had designs for whisk brooms. Glad you had a good visit in La Crosse with your daughter; also happy to hear they are able (and willing) to make the appropriate accommodations for her.

    Enjoy your week!
    Robin in Virginia

  6. So glad that they are working with your daughter ~ that is great about her to score!
    Fabulous goodies ~ love those buttons!