Sunday, March 30, 2014

I'm Pooped!

It was a very nice today, finally.  
I think we got to 47 and Buster was happy.  
He 86'ed the sweater earlier this week.  
Now, he sits in snowbanks. 
 Or lays in the snowbank waiting for something to happen .  
 I was hoping that I would have finished the border on Stacy Nash Christmas at Hollyberry Farm  
I'm close.
Upper right section
 Some close ups of sections.  
It is a rather large piece.  
Right middle section. 
 Lower right section
 Lower left section
Combination of the left upper and middle since there really isn't much there yet.  
It is the alphabet and the "Merry Christmas".
 We have spent alot of the weekend getting rid of stuff.  
It is amazing how fast things accumulate.  
We took a car load to St. Vincent's yesterday.  
I'm working on more.  
My sofa is suppose to be in on April 4.  
Don't have the delivery date yet.  
Had to get the bed out of the room and vacuum.  
 I may rearrange the furniture after it is delivered.  
Eventually, I hope Ed takes the dresser.  
I may move it again.  
Yesterday, I was at my mom's.  
She likes to quilt but, struggle with the tops. 
She is going to be 87 in May and I'm afraid her visual perceptual skills aren't like they use to be.  
Her memory is a little iffy too.  
My aunt, her sister has been cutting and sewing the tops for her thankfully.  
She can still do the hand quilting.  
I helped pin the table runner and placemats yesterday.  
Hope your weekend went well .
The weather was really great!
Even took my car to the car wash. 
Thanks for stopping and leaving great comments. 
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  1. Poor Buster ~ hope the grass can find it's way through all that snow soon! Beautiful stitches!!

  2. Buster is so cute! Hollyberry Farm is coming along beautifully!!

  3. Hollyberry farm is looking wonderful. Every time I see your progress it makes me want to get started. It will be such a great Christmas addition to your home.

    Hope your snow melts quickly. Ours is finally gone.


  4. I love your current stitch, it is one of my favorite designs. One of these days I will get to stitching it.
    So glad that it is warmer too.
    So is this going to be your craft room?
    So nice that your Mom is still able to quilt.
    Have a great week!