Sunday, March 9, 2014

Daylight Savings.....Why???

I get the idea of Daylight Savings.  
What I don't get is Why it has to be so stinkin' soon.
I get up at 6:10 and it will be dark again.  
Why couldn't they wait a couple more weeks or a month so then when we spring ahead its light?  

Now that Ed comes home for such a short period of time, it is really time to start working on that room.  
I have been telling him since his junior year of high school, "Once you stop coming home for any length of time, that room is going to mine."
It is the warmest bedroom in the house.  
I actually started taking it over two years ago when I had my knee replacement and he didn't come home for the summer. 
I had Bob put in shelves on the side of the closet he really wasn't using.  
Now, he put more shelves on the other side.  
I have ordered a sleeper sofa to put in there and get rid of the twin bed.  
He told me he didn't like it anyway.
I took him to the furniture store when he was home for the day (he only gave us one full day of spring break the turd!) to show him what was going in there.  
Once this happens then, I'm going to save for a big screen TV for the living room and console.
Once that happens then I can move the TV armoir that is in the living room now to the sewing room.  
I can't get rid of that because it was a project my dad and I worked on 22 years ago.  
This is the fabric swatch for the sofa.  
It is going to be something!

 I got the Valentine Trifles and the Primitive Hare sewn up, stuffed, ribboned and bejeweled.  
 I broke down and used the silk ribbon I had stashed away.  
 They turned out cute. 
 Now, its time to put them away.

 I'll keep them out for a little while longer.
 Going to town on the Drawn Thread Easter Eggs.  
 This has been a super quick stitch. 
 I have about six more sections to finish but, it goes fast.
Then, I need to stitch on the buttons and beads.
I'm going to finish it as a bell pull. 
It is finally starting to warm up here.
We don't want it to warm up too much or too soon.
With all the snow there would be flooding.  
The banks have to go down some because Buster went over the top of the fence yesterday.
He found another spot he could climb over.  
Sneaky little bugger.  
Hope your weekend has been fun and productive. 
Thanks for stopping and taking the time for the wonderful comments. 
Keep on Stitching 


  1. Love that fabric! Oh the thought of having my own room! I tell my boys that one day, one of their rooms will be oldest says, great, since I leave first, I guess it will be my room....hehehe....
    Your finishes are beautiful! The ribbon is perfect!

  2. Love your finishes and the plans for "your" room. Had to laugh at Buster and the fence climbing, tho. These four-legged family members are good at getting into trouble!

  3. I'm with ya on the day light savings... Your stitching is lovely.

  4. Oh Buster!
    I hate leaving the house when it is dark... I think daylight savings is way early too.
    All your finishing looks wonderful. The DT piece is looking great too!
    Have a great week :)

  5. More agreement on the dls issue here!
    Congrats on all the great stitching and finishing you accomplished this week. :)

  6. Love your sweet finishes! Way to go! I agree with you about daylight savings time. Why did they have to move it up?

    Robin in Virginia

  7. I totally agree about the daylight savings time. I was tired all day because our "smart" clock moved ahead another hour after we had set it for the one hour. That meant our 7:45 church wake-up time came at 5:45! Ug! Plus I still don't know know that stupid clock knew to move ahead!! I'm still puzzling over that. And I am not usually one of those wacky people who think I'm being spied on. One a more positive note, all the stitching is so pretty. It will be there and waiting for next Feb.