Thursday, March 13, 2014

Socks and College and Updates

I made these socks for Ed a while ago.  
They're alpaca and he loves them.
Since it has been so cold, he's been wearing them a lot because they are warm.
He was wearing them to work at Micro Repair and his friends asked him if he was wearing socks. 
He told them that they are "the most awesome socks made by his mom."
It then started, everyone now wants a pair of "Momma G" socks.
The night he first came home for spring break, he got a text message from his friend "Poops."
"Ed see if you can score me a pair of Momma G socks."
Poops is a girl who Ed describes as the character in New Girl that Zoey Deschanel plays.  
Fortunately I had a pair of socks that would fit her.
She is now a huge fan of Momma G socks.  
Too bad I don't knit faster.  
Ed brought his socks home to see if I could fix them.  
It was a hole in the side.
I have never fixed a sock before.
I figured the best way was to pick up stitches, knit two rows and then to a kitchener stitch.  
I just got the list of classes from the local yarn store and that is part of a class. 
I'm so proud of myself for figuring that one out.  

I finished the Drawn Thread Easter.
Stitches, beads, buttons and all.  
 Close ups in sections.  

 I'm going to finish it off as a bellpull.  

 Onward to the next project:  Homespun Elegance:  Spring Eggs III.
Katy is going to home tomorrow for her spring break.  
We are very excited about that.  
I'm really glad tomorrow is Friday and the weekend. 
It has been a very busy what else is new.
Hope the week has treated you well and you will have a good weekend. 
Keep on Stitching


  1. Love the socks! I always love to find a warm pair to snuggle my feet after a long day! The stitching is lovely!

  2. The socks look great; very cool that your son's friends all want a pair of Momma G socks. Your Easter piece looks great; congratulations on your finish!

    Enjoy your weekend!

    Robin in Virginia

  3. Congrats on your sampler finish! DT still comes up with such nice things! Also, congrats on your new sock business! LOL. Soon you will have to hire staff!! Laura

  4. Congrats on finishing the DT Easter design!!

  5. I love Easter Eggs, it is so pretty. It is so nice to have the kids appreciate your knitting!

  6. Love that everyone wants a pair of your socks! Congrats on your finish!