Sunday, December 1, 2013

It Was Quite a Thanksgiving

It was quite a Thanksgiving.
We have twins and they got home on Wednesday both of them sick.
Ed was not sure he was going to make it at all.  
He has never been sick longer than 12 hours.  
I know that sounds weird but, it is the truth, he just doesn't get sick.
He was feeling a little better on friday morning but, by Friday night he was feeling horrid.
His throat was red and his tonsils were inflammed.  
I sent him to the after hours clinic on Saturday when he wasn't any better.  
He is now on antibiotics for Strep throat.
This morning he had a bloody nose and got blood everywhere.  
 Katy was feeling lousy all week.  She was going to go to her classes on Wednesday but, got up feeling sick to her stomach and throwing up.  
She saw her professors and turned in assignments.  
She left earlier and came home.
I think her problem was more stress from the semester and room-mate issues.
Everything is actually working out and it is sometimes when the stress is alleviated that you get hit.
It was just such a short break.  
The good thing is that Christmas break is not too far away.

Because it has been so busy, there wasn't much time for stitching. 
I did get my border done on my Mary's Sampler.  
I have to see if I have a frame it will fit in.  
I have one that is just a smidge too small and another is just a little too big.  
I will have to look around a little more.  
It really is sweet.

I really haven't worked on this very much.  
I just did a little bit of the flower above the "M" in blooming.  
I did get a little Christmas shopping done.
Katy and I also worked on present projects yesterday all afternoon.
I think we both needed some girl bonding craft time.  

Now they are all back at school.  The house is back in order and disinfected. 
I am really hoping no one else gets Strep throat.  
I really could use one more day off just to relax.  
I am sure the next few weeks are going to be way too busy.  

Hope you had a very good Thanksgiving.  
Have a wonderful week.
Thank you for the great comments.
Keep on Stitching


  1. Too bad about the kids being sick!! I sure hope Christmas break comes soon for them. I'm also looking for a frame for Mary.

  2. Sorry to hear that the kids were sick and I hope that they are both feeling better!
    Lovely stitching.

  3. I hope both your kids are feeling much better by now.
    Nice finish on Mary and great progress on Lo.

  4. Your Mary piece turned out great! Hope your kids are feeling better!

    Stay healthy!

    Robin in Virginia

  5. Hope everyone is better and that Christmas break brings them home healthy! Lovely stitches!