Sunday, December 22, 2013


Betty Crocker would say that my Cranberry Bread is over mixed. 
 I don't care.
I had two bags of cranberries to use.
I chopped them and had 5 cups of  cranberries...6 loaves.  
I have four that I'm giving away.  
I have made Buckeye Balls because they are gluten free.  
I made the peanut butter blossoms I used gluten free flour.  
I had an issue.  
While removing cookies from the baking sheet, it dropped and broke into a hundred pieces.
The subsequent cookies aren't as fragile.
They taste amazing.    .  
We did our last minute Christmas errands yesterday and ran down to my mom's to see my sister from FL.  
Today, I've been so busty with the cookies, I haven't had much stitching time.  
I'm having a hard time staying awake while blogging.  

I hope you are ready for Christmas. 
It is as good as it gets around here.  
I'm sending a kid to the grocery shop.

I just want to stay awake long enough to do some stitching.  
Have a great week.
Keep on Stitching


  1. Your peanut blossoms look divine as does the cranberry bread. Way to go, Monica!

    Robin in Virginia