Thursday, September 19, 2013

A Nap Just Happened

What crazy weather we are having!  
Thankfully it didn't reach 82 today like they predicted.
The humidity is enough to kill you today

I had grand plans to vacuum furniture and move it but, it was too heavy today.  
Then I figured I could straighten out the laundry room and get rid of stuff and then iron.
My mom called me this morning and suggested we take my aunt, her sister out for lunch today for her birthday.  She is 85.  
That sounded much better than work.
We had a very nice lunch at the restaurant at the ski hill.  
I could have come home and work but, sitting in my chair and stitching sounded much better.  
Wouldn't you know it, a nap just happened.
So here is the update of October 31st.  
I am nearly half done.   
 It is really going fast.
Good thing, I have several Halloween projects I want to do.  
 See, here is the other blank half of the project.  
 I thought you might like to see a close up of the cute stuff. 
The letters are nice but, not as cute.  
Hooray, tomorrow is Friday!!!!
We need a new printer.  
We got a new printer when I got a new laptop Mother's day 2012.
The printer died.  
We are planning to go to Best Buy on Saturday and see Ed at the same time. 
I need to stop at Michael's because I am nearly out of DMC 3031.  
How could that have happened? 
 I need it for the Notforgotten Farm project-Hallow's Eve Sampler.

I have my room reserved for the Stitching Retreat in November.  
Can't wait!
I am already thinking about what to bring with me.  
It isn't like most retreats where there is a guest designer teaching classes.
It is more of a free-for-all and you work on what you want.
It is just nice to get away for a weekend and do something you love.  

Hope you have a wonderful and productive weekend.  
I hope I do and have some good pictures to share with you.  
Keep on Stitching


  1. I love the great Halloween stitching Monica!!!

  2. Great progress Monica! Lunch out sounds much better than cleaning.
    Have a great weekend!

  3. Great progress on your Halloween piece! Lunch out and a nap sounds much better than work and/or chores. Enjoy your retreat in November!

    Robin in Virginia