Sunday, September 15, 2013

October 31st Progress

The trip to JoAnn's with mom went well and we found some great fabric for a quilt.  We had gone through her stash and had some things picked out.  Things changed once we found the main fabric.  Some of the colors stayed the same but, then others changed to match the new fabric.  I stocked up on DMC that I use a lot; those colors that are used in the Prairie Schooler patterns.

I also got some new Autumn swags for the mantel.  
I decorated that today since the weather was rainy and generally crummy!  
I love the great big sunflowers
 I have gotten a good start on my Barbara Ana
I decided to change one of the colors.  
In place of the Valdani Faded Brown (DMC 2021), I was going to use GAST Wood Trail.
I didn't like it enough.  I thought it as a little on the green side.
I decided to use Weeks Caper instead.  
I think I like it better.  The Wood Trail was too grey.  
 A little different angle.  
You can see the difference between the oranges in the pumpkin better in the pictures than when you are stitching them.  I just realized that's a mouse next to it.  
I think recently I have gotten a few new members to my blog.  It isn't as easy to figure that out with Bloglovin.  I think it is showing up through Google button.  I am so glad that I have new members.

Hope everyone has had a great weekend. 
I have spent the day with laundry, stitching and watching Alfred Hitchcock movies on TCM.
I have seen these several times and never get tired of them.  

Hope you week goes well and your needles stay sharp!
Keep on Stitching


  1. I love your WIP. I like her Halloween designs!

  2. Lovely progress on the Barbara Anna piece. I like your fall decorating :)
    Have a great week!

  3. Love the new start. I also love all Hitchcock movies. I can watch over and over.

  4. Your fall decorating looks so good! I've been holding off on that because it's been so warm here -- not fall-like at all. Your stitching is looking good!

  5. Great progress on Barbara Ann & your autumn decorations look good.