Sunday, April 28, 2013

YooHoo It is Finally Spring!!

We finally have Spring!  We have been very busy around the house. After we ran errands,  we did some spring cleaning yesterday.  We did the tops of the cabinets where the decorative stuff is...baskets, large decorative platters and etc.  And we used special cleaner on the front of them.  I had done the insides after we nailed the mouse.  Then we cleaned windows, inside and out and cleaned the screens.  While I did laundry and ironing today, Bob did some raking and pruning some trees.  We did go to Home Depot and got the beginnings of things we will need, a new pruner. Miracle Grow and a few packets of seeds...especially Basil.  Since it was 70 degrees today, we have had the windows open  We sat outside while grilling chicken.  The rest of the week, well you know, lots of rain in the forecast but, at least the temperatures are suppose to be seasonal.

Because of all the work we have been doing, I haven't stitched much.  I did start Homespun Elegance Scenes of Spring.  I couldn't decide what picture to post without or with flash, I posted both.
 I do enjoy doing these.  I have done several similar pieces, the "Bringing In" and I have done the Scenes of Autum.  I even pressed it a little while I was doing ironing so it would show up nice for the blog.
 When we in La Cross, we found a new bead store Bedazzle.  It was a lovely little shop with kits.  I picked this kit up along with the beads to make an awesome Kumihimo bracelet in blues.  The beads were awesome, Lamp glass, blown, silver spacers and two sizes of Bronzite.  The pictures really don't do it justice.
 I tried it on a different background and that seemed to help.
I did not get the last two projects really finished.  It was too nice outside not to get the winter cleaned away.
If I have time this week, I'll get them done.  I do have stitching group at my house on Wednesday.  That will slow some things down a little.  It really is only a little zipping up with the sewing machine.

I did see a new stitching challenge the 2013 Ladies Prim Society on Faye's Carolina Stitcher.  I may decide to participate in it.  I saw the first and second project in the Society and they really appeal to me.

Funny story, I made pancakes for breakfast this morning.  I always make a small one for Buster because he loves pancakes.  He broke the record today.  The first pancake I made him, he carried around for about 4 hours.  Today, we thought he ate it right away.  When we came home from Home Depot and visiting my mom, he pulled it out of the couch...5 hours.  He has been carrying it around and leaving it here and there.  He finally ate it 14 hours after we gave it to him.  While Bob has been doing yard work, he has found multiple Milk Bones in the backyard from the winter.  If he knew how to did a whole, I think he would be burying a lot of these treats. He is a very goofy dog.

Hope you have had a great weekend.  Thank you for the fun comments.  You guys are awesome!  Have a great week and .....Keep on Stitching


  1. WOW Buster--carrying a pancake for four hours--with my hearty appetite I would have eaten it in four minutes

    Your scenes of spring is very pretty

  2. Thanks for my morning chuckle with the dog story ;-)