Thursday, April 11, 2013

Just Trying to Get Things to Work

I have been just trying to get things to work and they just aren't cooperating with me.  I saw on Cathy's blog Crafty Cat she updated her background.  It looks so cute.  I have been trying to change my background.  I follow the instructions and I just can't seem to get it too cooperate.  All that happens is I get the banner tag in the corner with the "cutest blog on the block" superimposed with "hot biggidty blog."  I have tried doing different things to get it to work, and it just isn't happening.  UGH!

Stitch Bitch here has a challenge going on.  The pattern is from Plum Street Samplers and it quite charming.  I plan on accepting the challenge.  It should be fun!  I downloaded the pattern.  I was going to include a picture but, thought that might be infringing even though it is a freebie.  You will just have to check it out.  Anna has a link to the pattern.  

I finished the LHN Virtues.  I pressed it up today.  Still don't know how I'm going to finish these.  I'm anxious to see how others are going to do it.  

 I have been working on my Stacy Nash.  I nearly have the house finished.  It is a large piece.
 Buster is watching for the snow.  It has started snowing in the last 30-45 minutes and starting to stick.  ICK!!!  There is way too much predicted and I just don't want any more snow.  I had another picture I was going to use from my IPhone.  I thought I had it moved from my email to my picture file, turned and reduced to use on the blog put when it transfer it was still going the wrong way and you would have had to turn your head.  Just can't seem to get any of this technology to work in my favor.  POOH!!!
Messed around this morning, after the cleaning was done, with cross stitch stuff.  Trying to figure out how to file things.  I kind of grouped kits together, patterns and then found some things that I might use for giveaways.  I need to get a file cabinet or something to put the patterns in. Such decisions!  I can't believe the price of loose leaf binders.  That is ridiculous!

Hope you are spring-like where you are.  I'm afraid that we won't have Spring it is just going to jump to Winter.  (I'm not kidding).

Welcome new members.  I'm so glad you joined me.  Maybe I need a kid home to help me with the techno hurdles I'm facing.  I think I will stick to stitching.  That is more my speed.

Keep on Stitching


  1. What a cute little dag! The cross stitch is lovely!

  2. Congrats on finishing the lovely LHN, and nice going on the Stacy Nash - the house is huge, I know! :-)