Friday, April 12, 2013


Wow this is a record for me, two blogs within 24 hours

I wish I had taken before pictures yesterday.  We had some grass yesterday, about a third of our yard.  Today, we are yet again buried under snow.  So far, since last night we have gotten about four inches and should get another two to four.  We are suppose to go to LaCrosse to see Katy.  I think we will still go.  We are just going to leave a little later.  
Buster close to the house but, once he gets out a little ways,

 the snow is just below his belly.  

 Plows have gone through.  I'm sure there is close to ten inches at the bottom of the driveway.  We always get a pile since we are the first driveway after they turn at the corner.  It all gets dumped in our driveway.  It is wet and heavy.  That means the snow blower will have trouble.

School has been cancelled today throughout much of the U.P.
Hope the weather is better where you are.


  1. UGH!!! I am SO sorry that this nasty weather is STILL sround. I can not believe the winter ya'll are having. I hope that this nasty white stuff soon gives way to beautiful sunshine and green grass. **HUGS**

  2. Too much snow at this time of year for sure. Hope the weather improves dramatically in the next few days for you.

    Be careful if you go out driving tdoay!

  3. freezing cold here in taipei taiwan as well, albiet not snowing - come on warmer weather where are you?

  4. Good grief!!!! I know you are sick and tired of winter!!!!!

  5. Yuck on more winter weather! Hope it breaks soon for you!

  6. Snow today here in NY. Temps in the 60's for Tuesday....I can't wait! I hope that this is the last of the snow we will see for quite a while!!!