Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Finally, The Stitching Groups Christmas Present

I can finally show you what the Stitching Group got for Christmas.  We have the Christmas Party on January 2, this year.  It is usually so crazy at the holidays we usually decide to wait until after Christmas to do it.  This year's pattern was the Valentine Sampler from With Thy Needle and Thread. It was suppose to be mounted on a Whitman Sampler Heart box.  Paint just doesn't stick to those boxes.  They probably really need a coat of gesso to prime them.  I had all the stitching done quite early in the year but, with the box issue things changed.  I had to buy some more boxes in October. 
 With that, I couldn't do a heart on top and it needed something more so I stitched another top to use as a pincushion on the inside.  The top is edged in chenille.
 The Briwax always gives the paint job a whole different dimension and sheen.  They almost look antiqued.
 I glued the seem tape to the inside of the top and tied in the pincushion.
 It looks pretty good with the table cloth as a background.
 There is some scrapbooking paper for the lining of the bottom of the box.
The pattern had additional pieces.  These are the needle cases.  
 I also did a scissor fob and ordered a pair of scissors for everyone, including me.  These are hare scissors.
 I have stork scissors.  I thought the hares were awfully cute.
 I forgot to take a picture of the needle threaders that has everyone's initial on.
  Everything fits snuggly in the box.  I think it is a perfect addition to where one chooses to stitch.

Hope everyone had a fun New Years.  We had a good day. We were able to get a replacement part for the oven.  I was able to roast the cornish game hens.  I did a lot of cooking.  Buster enjoyed his peach pancake today for his New Years treat.  I didn't get the stitching done I wanted to.  The finishing will probably have to wait until the weekend.  Alas, one more Christmas post.  It's okay, still the season until the decorations come down.   Since we put them up late, we keep them up later.  

Thanks for stopping.  Welcome new members.  Thanks for all the wonderful comments.  I wish everyone has a happy and healthy New Year.

Keep on Stitching


  1. Beautiful projects!! Love!! I bet it was a relief to get your oven fixed. Buster is adorable!!!

  2. Beautiful projects. I hope to stitch this one soon. I bought (and ate) the candy. I saw on Brenda's blog today about some paint samples from Walmart that I might try.


  3. Beautiful boxes!!
    I just love the needle cases, to cute!