Thursday, January 10, 2013

Excuses, Excuses

The road to hell is paved with good intentions.....I had intentions of finishing things off but, life gets in the way.  Buster had a small growth on his lower left eyelid and he had it removed today along with having his teeth cleaned.  Shih Tzu's have bad teeth.  We wanted to get little things taken care of before they become big things.  
 He did very well.  He went in at 7:45 and was home by 2 pm but, very dopey.  He has the smaller cone of shame to keep him from rubbing his eye.  He will need to keep this one for 2 weeks.  I don't think he will be very happy.  I didn't want the growth to get bigger and it was growing, and then make him go blind.  That would be very bad.  The growth is being tested and we should have the results in a few days.  I like this dog too much to have anything happen to him.  We all still miss the big dog way too much!
 Since, the mouse episode, he seems to prefer sweaters.  I'm thinking it may be a security thing.  Since we did all this today along with Walmart and taking down the Christmas decorations, by the time he got home, we were both ready for a nap.  I really had plans to finish things today but, it just wasn't happening.  I did get some things done on Tuesday after work.  I still have all the machine work to do.  There is always the weekend...heavy sigh!
I really figured that I would be finishing With Thy Needle and Thread - Strawberry Hill.  I decided to start Prairie Schooler January instead.  I was ready for  a PS fix.  Love, LOVE, LOVE, Prairie Schooler!
Hopefully, this weekend, I will get those things done.  I really want to.  I did also get a new sock started on the ole needles.

Thanks for stopping and all the lovely comments.  I hope you have been having a good week and will have a super weekend.
Keep on Stitching


  1. I hope Buster tolerates his cone of shame! I am with you on PS... I really like stitching their designs!

  2. I will hope the best for Buster. I agree with you, PS are great charts!

  3. Aawww....sweet Buster! I hope all goes well. I don't think I have met a stitcher who doesn't like PS designs!