Sunday, December 30, 2012

Mom! HELP! Somethings Up with the OVEN!!!!

You always hope that when the element in the oven is ready to go it is NOT when the Thanksgiving turkey is in it---or---when the New Years Day Cornish Game Hens  are in.  It was just a chicken.  The chicken was pretty much done and just waiting for the potatoes and veggies when the bottom element was doing something funky.  Ed hollering from the kitchen, "Mom!  Dad!  Come quick!"  Bob goes running and stands there looking at the element arc-ing.  I calmly turn off the oven.  We left the power going to it long enough until the potatoes, veggies and gravy were done.  Fortunately, there is a replacement parts place close by.  Hopefully they have an element AND are open tomorrow.  Bob has the day off and can go and get a new one...keep your fingers crossed.  If not, make sure there is enough gas for the grill and we will just grill them.  I could cook risotto in the slow cooker I suppose. 

Finished the Notforgotten Farm S. Claus.  
I do have really perfect fabric to finish it off with.  I would show you but, the camera battery died.  Another day.  

 I want to do one more Christmas ornament from the JCS 2012 issue; The Primitive Hare.  I want to use the thread I got from Victorian Motto Sampler giveaway.  The red is really gorgeous.  Then I can do some finishing work on New Years Day morning and maybe, just maybe blog it.

Welcome new members!  I'm so glad you have joined my little blog.  Thanks to everyone who stops by and comments.  Your comments are most welcomed!  Hope everyone had a great weekend and got in lots of stitching time.  Alas, I could have used more.

Keep on Stitching!


  1. Having a grill fr stand~by is always a good thing! Fingers crossed for you that you get your part!
    Cute finish!

  2. S.Claus is really cute! Oh dear about the oven! Glad things worked out for you!

  3. Sorry about the oven. There is always take out. :-)

  4. Sorry about the oven :( Your Santa is cute