Thursday, January 31, 2013

We have had really awful weather the last two weeks.  I'm still driving a loaner Impala.  I miss my car and I really could have used it this last week.  Monday we had about 4 inches of snow.  The Impala really doesn't like snow.  Tuesday we had ice.  The Impala doesn't like ice.  Yesterday, we had 5 1/2 more inches of snow.  The Impala doesn't like snow any better on Wednesday as it did on Monday.  The snow blower broke a belt so we have a pile of snow in the driveway.  I seriously doubt the Impala will be able to bust through the bottom of the driveway.  Bob says it will.  I sure hope he is willing to give up his Jeep and shovel out the Impala and drive that tomorrow.  Otherwise, he can take me to and from work.  

The back of the sweater looks great.  I checked my gauge to make sure it was right.  I always check gauge. The width is short 4 inches.  I'm sure the directions didn't take that into consideration.  I have to rip it all out and go up a few sizes in needles.  There really isn't a good way to check the gauge.  I will just have to try and once I get the second cable twist, check the size then.  
 I am nearly done with PS January.
 I have a few more trees at the bottom, a couple more snowflakes, then the border and I'm done.  I did get my first LHN Sheep Virtue.  I should have taken a picture.  You use DMC floss to stitch them.

Got my names in the basket for the drawing tomorrow.  I won't be sending out the package until Tuesday since I work until 5 pm tomorrow and  Monday and the Post Office will be closed.  
Since I don't work on Thursdays, and the snow blower was kaput, I had to shovel some paths for Buster, the fourteen pound Shih Tzu.  This afternoon I started watching The Men Who Built America on the History Channel.  It is about the Tycooms who built America:  Vanderbilt, Rockafellar, Carnegie, J.P. Morgan, Edison and Ford.  If you get a chance, I highly recommend watching it.  It is fascinating.  Beats most of the other stuff on TV right now.  And there are no aliens in it....LOL

Welcome new followers.  Since the Grow Your Blog Party, I have gotten 23 new followers.  It is very exciting.  I love all the wonderful comments.  Thanks for stopping

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  1. My goodness Monica...all that snow talk gives me a chill to be sure! We actually saw some flurries today and we might get more tonight . I do hope your Impala steps up for you.
    Those sledding children look like they are having so much fun. Excellent stitching....

  2. Good luck with with the snow! The sweater is pretty ~ so sorry you have to rip it all out. Your stitches look great too ~ you're almost there!

  3. Lovely progress in your PS January!!
    Hugs x

  4. Your stitching and knitting look wonderful. So sorry about having to re-do the sweater. I just recently watched the episode on Henry Ford and learned some amazing things.

  5. Beautiful stitching. My Monte Carlo does like snow or ice either! The old Bonneville went through it like a tank.