Thursday, January 24, 2013

I Have Been Running in Circles

It has been riotous day!  Katy's ride called to let her know they were going back to school a day earlier.  It is a good thing because tomorrow I would be at work.  I wanted to make her some gluten-free cookies before she left.  Good thing I made the dough before things started happening.  So hang on to your it goes.  Buster had to be at the groomers at 9.  Came home, baked the cookies.  Just finished  at 1010 when my mom called.  Her car wouldn't start and she was going to come here to see Katy before her dentist appointment to have a tooth glued in.  I ran down to her house to pick her up, stopped at the groomers to see if Buster was done, another 15 minutes, came home saw Katy, dropped mom off at the dentist, got back in the car, went back to the groomers, picked up Buster, dropped him off, went back to the dentist to get mom and she was done, came back home because it was 1230 and Katy was leaving at 1. After Katy left, I took mom home via the grocery store.  I came home and took a well earned nap.  

Buster after the cone and before the groomer,   He was stinky, shaggy and starting to matt.   

Buster after the groomer and a clean sweater
He really looks fabulous but, he really hates to have his picture taken.  He will turn away or close his eyes.
 Making progress on the Prairie Schooler.  Cruising right along.  
 I started the sweater for Katy. This is the ribbing.  The edge curls slightly.  There are 103 stitches on, I have the pattern establish so why is the count off.  If I have checked it once, I checked it 20 times and I'm not exaggerating either.  I have checked it so many times, my eyes are crossed.

 Katy made some very cute beaded stitch markers and I appropriated them.  She had made me some many years ago when she was a little girl.  I can't use them because the wire hooks on the yarn.  I don't want to have her re-wire them because they are perfect.
 Mom's neighbor got her car started, the cookies turned out great and the dog is happily sleeping on the pillow on the couch.

Welcome all the new members!  Good to see my reliable followers.  I am so glad you have joined me.  I appreciate all the wonderful comments.  Happy Friday!  Yeah for the weekend!!  I also cleaned today, vacuuming all the glitter in Katy's wake.

Keep on Stitching

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  1. Aawww...handsome Buster! Great stitches and start on the sweater!