Saturday, May 12, 2012

Woe is Me....The Computer Crashed. :(

Oh boy, the computer crashed this morning...the main household pc....everything is gone, gone,gone. I'm not sure what can be salvage. I hope I can retrieve my pictures but, who knows. I have some left on my camera. Now, I am posting from my iPad. There may not be pictures until we get a new computer. It is too hard to do pics with the iPad. I think I would need a pc anyway to get pics to a service or something like photo bucket. The upside, the kids are home for the weekend. Katy will be home all summer. Ed goes back tomorrow after supper. It is good to have chicks back at the nest. Happy Mother's Day to all! Thanks for stopping. Keep on stitching!


  1. Hi, Monica! Were you able to find the cause of the problem? Computer issues vary from one another – some can be solved by a simple reset, while some need hardware replacement. I hope your case didn’t fall into the latter. By the way, you mentioned that you needed a new PC. Were you able to buy one?

    Shania Simpsons

  2. Were there other files that you needed to salvage? I’m sorry that you had to learn about the importance of backing up your files the hard way. Well, it’s been months since your computer crashed, so I assume that you already have a new one. I hope you don’t encounter a situation like this in the future. In case you do, I know you’ll be well-prepared!

    Lakisha Rubert

  3. Another lesson learned the hard way! This should motivate everybody to always back up all of your important files. Now you know what to do next time. Good luck!

    -Ruby Badcoe