Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The Tortoise and the Hare and Three's Company

Usually, I blog on Sunday.  Sunday always seems to be a good day to do that.  I have usually had a little time to stitch and have some progress to show.  This Sunday was different.  Ed came home Saturday after cleaning his dorm room and moving his stuff to the town house he will be sub-letting.  He needed to bring a bed back.  He had twin size bunk beds in his room.  We took one down a few years ago when we redecorated his room while he was at summer camp.  He had wanted more of a teenager/adult room. We spent much of Sunday transporting the bed, helping him put it together and taking him grocery shopping.  At first, he informed me he could do his own grocery shopping.  I told him, "Never pass up free food." 

Right now, it is an interesting living situation.  Normally three college girls live in this town house.  One is staying the summer, one will be here for a while and one is gone thus, Ed is subletting her room.  So it is sort of like the old sit com Three's Company except no Regal Beagle.  In June, another guy is moving in just for the summer.  He was worried when we saw the place and warned us "it's a dump."  Amazingly, it looks like the college apartments we or our friends stayed in 30 years ago.  Things really haven't changed that much.  

He will be home Thursday so Friday he can go and pick up his sister from college. 

I do have some progress on The Tortoise and the Hare.  As usual, my photographic skills are stunning...

It is turning out rather adorbs. 

It has been so much fun reading all the blogs and the Blog Hop from Stitching the Night Away  
And thanks to all who have stopped and left wonderful comments!  Welcome to all who have joined my blog.  I hope to keep you entertained. 

Keep on Stitching!

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