Thursday, May 17, 2012

Soon to be Bionic

Where do I start?  I think I will start first with the PS Tortoise and the Hare and then regale you with my tale.  I guess I'm starting at the finish line...the little Tortoise is victorious.  How cute is he?
 So here's the story.  I have been having problems with my left knee for 26-27? years.  It is an old roller skating injury...I joke that it ended my Roller Derby career with the San Francisco Bay Bombers.  It started giving out on me.  About 3 years ago, I had is scoped.  It has been bothering me now for a year.  I have had cortisone injections for tendinitis, Supartz to lubricate the knee and another intra-articular cortisone injection to get me to tomorrow.  I am having a total knee replacement.  I am glad to be getting this done and moving on.  It has been next to impossible to mega shop at the mall or get up the steps to the Stitching Bee to shop for stash.

Being the eternal optimist, I figure maybe Sunday night I might be looking for something to stitch.  I thought about a small Prairie Schooler along the lines of the hedge hog but, during the process of looking for a small zippered project bag to keep it in I found this Bent Creek Zippers called Seasonal Sampler.  I have gotten ready and a small start in the center.  It is a BIG needle (20-22) 18 count linen and perle cotton thread.  It is almost like doing a lacing card I did when I was four.

 Don't really know if I will really be able to do this while I am a guest in the hospital and gorked out on pain medication.  If I don't have something available I will want it and stress out about it.  It might be a good thing to work on the first week or too since it is larger.
I may not be able to blog much but, you never know.  By the way, I got a new laptop for mother's day.  I do all the family finances on it so I needed one before I had surgery so I could get everything in order.  Don't know how much things are in order and the DH is already getting crabby.  OI!  I also needed to be able to blog with a couple of pictures.  I thought of doing a before and after picture of my knee.  I have horrible looking legs, varicose veins, spider veins just like my dad's.

Thanks for stopping!  Keep on stitching.

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