Thursday, May 3, 2012

Prairie Schooler Updates Since This Blog Keeps Me on My Toes

Since I started this blog, I find I "finish" projects faster, rather than leaving them on a pile on a table.  I finished the Prairie Schooler Hedgehog today.  I love the material I used for backing.  Have no idea where it came from other than my drawer of fabric.  I thought the color worked pretty well. 
 It was like they were almost made for one and other. 
 The back side of the little hanger on one of the doors of the china cabinet. 
 Ta Da....the finished product.  This blog really does push me to get it done. 

And it should fit in the small basket rather nicely when I am ready for something else in this place.

Last night, at stitching group I got more done on the Tortoise from PS Tortoise and the Hare.  I guess slow and steady will win the race. 
It was a busy day otherwise for a day off of work.  I saw my Orthopedic Surgeon for my pre-op physical.  I have my left total knee replacement in two weeks.  I think I have all the stitching supplies ready in my son Ed's closet.  I left the sewing machine set up on his desk.  He won't be home this summer.  He is staying at his University because he has a job.  He did find a sub-let for the summer.  Buster had his annual visit with the vet.  Everyone concured that he is a very good dog, even if he lifted his leg up agains the check-in desk.  The whole waiting area is "pee proof".  A tech was out likety split with a mop.  One other dog parent asked "Why do dogs do that?"  I and the receptionist responded, "To mark their territory."  When on a walk, I also figure it is so they can find their way home.  And finally, my mom had a 3:10 follow-up doctor's appointment for the weekend hospital stay but, we didn't get seen until 4.....ugh!  She is getting better every day.  I think she is ready to start doing more and getting out of the house. 

Dinner is done, the dishes are taken care I can stitch.
Thanks for stopping and keep on stitching.

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  1. Cute Prairie Schooler finish and WIP! Best wishes and speedy recovery from your surgery.