Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Nearly 10 inches of snow and it is nearly done snowing but, now the wind will blow it all around. I was a wimp and decided that I would call in today. My knee has been really hurting, so another excuse not to tromp around and make it more sore or fall and really get hurt. The roads have been really slippery and a truck went down the hill in front of our house sideways. Another good reason to stay home. Bob did go to work. He's nuts anyway. So some pictures:

If you go back to some earlier posts of the first storm we had in December you can see the difference in the amount of snow this storm dumped on us. It is higher than a 14# shih tzu's head.  He won't go past the covered porch until Bob snowblows a path.   
 The raised bed in the back yard.  The fence is four feet high

The same planter to the right at the beginning of December.  It pretty much looked like this before this storm 
 Bob's tire tracks when he left.  It is going over several inches.  The car compacted a few inches.

Across the street the first time the snow plow went through.  About 2 feet of snow.  Below after the plow went through again.  Now it is three feet. 
Blowing around

more tracks

Taking out the garbage

 The bush in front of the porch.  The stuff is really heavy.  Will have to clean that off too so it doesn't break. 

I have been drinking coffee, watching old movies, watching the snow, watching the forecast...I think it is nearly done and stitching.  Working on With Thy Needle and Thread March Word Play.
Going to bake some cookies and finish the closet organization....and....probably take a nap

Dontcha love snow days?  ****Update from the 6 o'clock news.....16 inches!**** another good reason not to drive today. 

Thanks for stopping.  Keep on stitching.

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