Thursday, February 16, 2012

One sock down, One to go. And stuff is done!!! Hooray for Me!

I have the first of Katy's socks done.  I did get the second started while dinner was cooking.  It looks short but, it measures right.  Does she really have that short a foot?  I had her measure it and let me know.  If it isn't right then I guess its her fault.  LOL
 I was very busy today.  I cleaned because we want to go on a road trip on Saturday.  Did some laundry.  I also washed Busters bed.  He has been scratching alot lately.  We aren't sure if it was the shampoo they used at the groomers or he has fleas from the bunnies under the shed.  We Frontlined him too.  I checked him out and I didn't see any vermin.  Hopefully it is just some dry skin or something to that effect. 

I also ran errands.  Had to stop at the bead store because Katy won a gift certificate.  I was to either pick it up or spend it.  I had to spend it but, she is now in the drawing for the $25 certificate.  Hope she wins it.

I finally got these mounted on boards.  I will switch them around every month.  Prairie Schooler of course.  I saw that one is going on Ebay for at least $29.  That was the bidding the last time I checked.  Its an OOP and I may have that one.  Someday I may have amassed a fortune. 
 and November.  I am especially partial to her turkeys. 

Lastly, a little late but, Happy Valentines Day. 
Shepherds Bush.  I did it on small count so I could make just a little hanging trifle. 

Tra La, Tra La
Keep on Stitching

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