Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Mystery is unveiled

I finally finished the Mystery Sampler, pressed, mounted it on a board and is now framed.  I think I am going to hang it in our bedroom over the bedside table.  When I get that done, I'm sure I will post a picture.       The walls are green so it should look good in there. 

 I should really try and take fancier pictures of pieces, laying down and skimming over the top but, that would probably mean I would have to buy a better camera.  It would entail having to learn how to work it and spending more money which, incase you haven't figured out, I would much rather spend on thread, fabric and patterns.  My friend Arttie, who should join my blog, says my pictures turn out just fine!  Thanks Arttie!

My scissor fob was looking rather shabby so in the meantime I made a new one.  It is just some of the motifs from Black Bird Design A Stitchers Journey.  I am poised to do more from that.  I picked up some of the supplies you need like wooden boxes from Hobby Lobby.  The pin cushions in the book are all stuffed with the crushed walnut shells.  I looked at the local Pet Supplies Plus last week for Lizard Litter but, couldn't find any.  I went back today and did find some called Lizard Dessert Sand.  I had already gotten some.  Good to know I can get it local.  My husband asked, "how much of that stuff do you need."  I replied, "don't know but, good to know its there."  Stimulating dinnertime conversation at our house.....what you talk about now that the kids are in college. 
I used the crushed walnuts to stuff the fob.  I don't think I would do that again but, it was worth the experimentation.  I do like the weight of it.

The back side is just an "M" and a partial border.  The buttons are from the many tins I rescued from the in-law house clean out extravaganza this summer.  You can never have too many buttons. 

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