Sunday, February 26, 2012

New Supply Space

I have a closet in the finished room in the basement I have kept my stitching/knitting/craft supplies in for the last ten+ years.  Since my knee has been behaving badly, need for a total knee replacement and the difficulty going down and up stairs, I have been moving some of the more important things upstairs. Looks like a disaster.  I should get rid of things, like old magazines and patterns I have used or will never used.  I did donate alot of things, aida cloth, patterns, thread, needles, yarn etc. to the convent.  We have some cloistered nuns not too far away and I figured they would put it to good use.

 I cleaned out one side of Ed's closet of its Legos to put cross stitch supplies in.  I picked up some of the rubbermaid rolling carts but, it wasn't enough.  This weekend Bob and I went to Home Depot to get shelves. 

It is still a work in progress.  It needs to get done before friday night, because Ed will be home for Spring break.  This room one day will be my sewing room,  So, I am just only slightly jumping the gun. 

Thanks for visiting and keep on stitching.

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