Sunday, November 15, 2020

Hot Ulnar Nerve and Stitching

When you hit your funny bone, you are hitting your Ulnar nerve.  Its the nerve that provides the sensation to the ring and little finger.  The muscles that bend fingers and wrist attach in the area of the Ulnar nerve.  This nerve today has been very angry with me I think because I have been knitting and stitching too much.  Just trying to get things done.  I think what really did me in was knitting yesterday morning for a couple of hours and talking to my daughter.  This morning after stitching for a short time the ring and little finger on the left side (the hand that holds my linen) were just hot, buzzy and angry.  I have been very careful the rest of the day and doing some ulnar and median (carpal tunnel nerve) nerve gliding.  I'm just doing position 1 and 2
and I've been doing the top set of median nerve.  
There, you just got about $50 worth of therapy, FOR FREE!!

I am nearly done with Block 12 of Autumn in Hawk Run Hollow.  If that pesky nerve wasn't an issue, I was going to finish that today.  I have the wagon to finish and the grass.  I really could have gotten in done today.  😞😞

I got some happy mail this week.  From 123 Stitch I got The Scarlett House Elizabeth Hunter 1853 and some of the overdyes I knew I didn't have, La-D-Da A Merry Christmas Sampler and some floss for With Thy Needle and Thread Winter Rose Manor.  I couldn't get all I needed for that.  Fortunately, I was able to get what I needed from The Stitching Bee along with the Fall and Winter/Christmas Prim Stitching and Punchneedle.  I'm not sure I will get any more of those unless I start doing Punchneedle.   
The boys went to the groomers this week and got all handsomed up.  Henry even smelled good for a couple of days.  He really doesn't normally smell bad anyway.  He just smelled especially good and looked particularly floofy.  The groomer has the front area gated off with a typical latch but, Henry had to be on the stairs going to the second floor behind another gate because he was able to open the first gate.  I think only because he is tall.  Oh Henroo!
Buster, also looks spectacular and even more dapper in a new sweater.  He doesn't really like having his picture taken.  

 Michiganders are being asked by Governor Whitmer to try and restrict behaviors that accelerate the spread of Covid 19 for the next three weeks.  Being a healthcare provider, I think this is really relevent and important.  Our hospital is in peril at times:  full and staff is getting sick too, making staffing tenuous.  The progression of the disease needs to be slowed.  We are not the only ones in this situation,many.  I have clients that are getting sick and I know people who have died from Covid as I'm sure many of you have too.  

Hope you have had a good weekend.  On the upside, we got the outdoor Christmas decorating done and it looks wonderful.  

Stay safe everyone, social distance, wear a mask and wash your hands.  
Keep Stitching!


  1. That's interesting, thanks for the info.
    Hawks is looking so pretty.
    Great stash!
    I'm on the fence about renewing PN&PS magazine also.
    A lot of the cross stitching isn't really Prim, it's more "cutesy" now. And I don't do punchneedle nor have a desire to.
    Henry looks so handsome & fluffy, & Buster is too cute in his sweater.
    Covid is getting very scary here.
    2 family members & a close friend all came down with Covid last week. :(
    Have a great week!

  2. Your Hawks piece is looking good. Thanks for the tips/images for ulnar nerve soreness. Both Buster and Henry look very handsome following their visit to the groomer's. Have a good week, Monica!

  3. As you know, I find it frustrating when our bodies interfere with stitching! Buster and Henry look very handsome. We have more restrictions too. Our county has even more cases than we had in the Spring. Just our DD for Thanksgiving as she is in our group.

  4. Henry and Buster are so cute in their holiday neatness! :-) Thank you for the nerve exercises....I'm thinking anyone that uses their hands a lot (or computer people) would benefit from doing these exercises as a preventative measure to carpel and neck pain. Hope you are all healed and back to comfortably stitching soon!

  5. So sorry about your arm issues. That really stinks but thanks for the stretching exercises. Your progress on Autumn in Hawks Run looks great. Your puppers are super cute after their grooming. And yes, Covid. I think we are all weary of the restrictions but we have to do what is necessary to stay healthy. Stay safe and healthy yourself and hope the arm is better soon.