Sunday, July 15, 2018

Thirty Years!

We are celebrating our thirtieth anniversary today.  
With my parents, God bless them  
We were living in Nashville and it was 110 degrees the day we got married.  
It was so hot, you couldn't stand on black top with your shoes on!
He understands my cross stitch obsession....has from the beginning.
What a guy!
Hope the next thirty are as wonderful!
Have my thread and fabric 40 count Flax Newcastle for Sarah Braizear 1829
Just have to make the leap.
Trying to decide if I should start with some of the border or in the middle.  
Usually I start in the middle but, it may be better to start in a corner.  
People are doing it both ways.
While I was noodling around in the sewing room last week, deciding to put all the kitted projects together, I found this.  
I always say this but, I just love this and may have to start it much sooner than later.  
Next weekend is the annual girls weekend.
Usually we scrapbook and have other craft projects but,  MaryBeth kind of put the cabash on the scrap booking by deciding to have a collage of the pictures made.
I enjoy the scrap booking but, its okay.  
I don't know if Jan is going to bring a project or not.  
I have one to share but, I figure, I just might make this my weekend project.  
I will get it started a little before I go.  
They are planning on staying to Monday but, I can't with the time I missed and a maternity leave.  
I was going to do it in the DMC called for.
But, I pulled some overdyes using a conversion list and have decided to do it in Weeks Sanquine, and Tiger's Eye,  GAST:  Country Redwood, Harvest Basket, Soot and Walnut.  
It should be fun and quick.  
Adam and Eves are one of the things I collect.  
I have been working on La D Da Margaret Cottam and making progress.  
I love doing this!

I love Penzey Spices and follow Bill Penzey on FB.  
I just got the free set, just had to pay for shipping.  
Their spices/herbs and blends are just so wonderful and there are a lot of salt-free options.
Since the health issues started, I think salt adversely effects me.  
Trying to make a conscious effort to be reduced salt.  
Watching the labels and choosing less sodium options and substituting  with the blends, I think will help.  
The salsa/pico seasoning is salt free too.  
The pin says "Embrace Hope" , I'm all about that.  
There were also some suggestion cards on using the seasoning.  
Going back to work tomorrow.
Hope you had a great weekend and have a wonderful week.  
Keep on Stitching.


  1. The temps in Nashville have not changed--last week it was hotter than heck! Love your stitching choices--Adam and Eve's sing to my heart and La D Da is one of my favorite designers--need to give Margaret some love and tell her her "time out" has ended

    1. I really love La D Da. The Adam and Eve were just so sweet. Itching to start. I’m lovin’ Margaret. I strongly suggest to resurrect her. Stay cool!

  2. Congrats to 30 years!!
    Great projects, love the La D Da.
    I also got the spice box.
    I went to the store, and OMG! I got there early, and when I left, the line was way down the mall sidewalk!!
    They are very generous with their products.
    The only spices I buy now.
    Have a great week!

    1. Thanks! I heard the shops were mobbed I didn’t want to miss out. I love his messages. Pretty much the only seasoning I buy unless I’m in a pinch. If you haven’t tried it yet, Mural of Flavor is amazing! I use it on eggs. Don’t need the salt.

  3. Happy belated anniversary! Margaret Cottam is looking good. Look forward to seeing your Adam and Eve piece come to life with your needle and thread. Have a good week and enjoy your upcoming girls' weekend!

    1. Thanks. I’m really enjoying Margaret. She is so beautiful! I really enjoy La D Da’s designs up in my top 10 designers.

  4. Wishing you many more years together!

    I think I need to follow Bill Penzey on FB!

    1. Thanks! Bill has great messages about coming together. Their products are wonderful!

  5. Happy anniversary!
    Love the colours you have chosen to stitch rich!

    1. Thanks. I really enjoy working with the overdyes. Love the way they turn out!

  6. Thanks! Love working with overdyes!

  7. Congratulations on #30! We hit 40 later this summer. The Adam and Eve looks like a fun sampler. I did Margaret several years ago and still love the way it looks. That border is wonderful!

  8. I really like your new decorative designs! it's beautiful so much and good idea on site.