Tuesday, July 25, 2017

The Crime Scene

I couldn't get one big picture of the crime scene so its in parts.  
We have had issues with deer jumping the fence and nibbling on my petunias, Katy's tomato and pepper plants.
I mixed up the sauce to spray on them but the garlic plugged up my spray bottle and broke it.  
So Bob came up with the crime scene tape and stakes.
It is working well keeping the varmints away.  
My petunias and impatiens are doing very well.  
The grass if very green because we have had a lot of heavy and consistent rain.
We haven't had to turn on the sprinkle system in the front yard.
Hooray, that saves me several hundred dollars this summer.  

I finished my Prairie Schooler Summer Sampler
I have frames that it will fit in.  
I got three matching at Michaels and have several of these Sampler projects that I can interchange them.  
If I haven't heard from that framer by tomorrow, I stopping in again on Thursday and plan on collecting it all up and taking it to a different framer.
I have been more that patient.

Bob and I saw Dunkirk this past weekend.  
I was excellent!
I really recommend it.

That about wraps it up.
I wanted to finish the sampler so I could post.

Hope you are having a stellar week!

Keep on Stitching


  1. I hope that keeps the deer away.
    Summer Sampler is so pretty.
    I wonder why they are giving you the run around with your stitched piece. Something's fishy.
    Yes, you have been more patient than I would be!
    Good luck!

  2. Hopefully the deer will leave your flowers alone now :)
    Such a lovely Prairie Schooler finish. Great job.

  3. Your flowers are beautiful, I hope the deer leave them for youto enjoy. Summer sampler looks beautiful!

  4. Your flowers and yard look so lush. Congratulations on getting your Summer Sampler finished! Good luck and wishes in collecting your piece from the framer; I do hope your piece hasn't been damaged while in their possession.

  5. Looks like you have managed to keep them away. The deer are driving me crazy this year eating my beautiful hardy fushia!! The sampler is lovely. I love that sun!

  6. What fun dog pictures. Your friend got quite the deal. I just can't stitch on 40 count my eyes are just not good enough! Love the look of the letters on the sampler.

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