Monday, March 27, 2017

My Poor Left Leg

I always seem to manage to injure my left leg.  
It was got me to a knee replacement fives years ago.
I did it again on Friday.
Katy had to be at work at 6:30 so, I texted her to see how the roads were.  
She said the roads were fine but, the driveway was a death trap." And she had gone down it sideways.  I figured I would salt before I finished getting ready for work.  
Everything started out fine and I was being super careful.  
Next thing I knew, I heard a crack, felt a snap and the next thing I knew I was on the ground.
I laid there for a minute thinking about what just happened and I was stupid.  
My left ankle had rolled and wondered how the hell was I going to get up.
I can't kneel on that left knee but, I managed to get up and hobble my way to the garage.
Bob opened the door, scolding me.
I told him to stop yelling at me, get me ice, the phone and my cane.  
After I iced it for a while, I figured I better go to the ED and get it xrayed to make sure nothing was broken.
Fortunately it wasn't broke.
Even more fortunate,I did break my arm...that would be devastation.
I iced and elevated all weekend and managed to go to work today.  
Lucky for me I work in the Rehab department and had some free treatment today and was done early. Tomorrow and Wednesday don't look too bad.
This is really going to take a while to recover from, it is really back and blue and huge.
I did get a lot of stitching done this weekend!

 I started WTNT Springtime messenger but had to change some of the colors since it didn't look good on the fabric or in the case of Mountain Mist and Lexington Green not enough contrast.
I also finished Spring Delivery.  I think this could go into a conventional ready made frame.  Yippee!!
That's about all the news from here.
I hope your weekend was uneventful and you had plenty of time stitching.
Have a great week!
Keep on stitching!


  1. Ouch! Sounds painful. Good for stitching time--beautiful finishes

  2. Congratulations on your Spring Delivery piece! It is darling; I have been seeing this piece around places on the 'net. I am sorry to hear about your fall; glad nothing was broken! Rest and take it easy!

  3. Those darn falls. My tumble off a big step still haunts me. Glad nothing is broken. Spring Delivery is very pretty.

  4. WOW Spring Delivery looks awesome Congrats on a Super Quick amazing finish

  5. Cute stitching.
    I hope your injuries are better soon.

  6. Great Spring stitching! Glad to hear the ankle is getting better even though it is a bit slower than you would like.