Monday, March 6, 2017

In Blogging Trouble

I finally got a gmail account because my kids have told me it is easier to manage pictures especially when blogging.  
Hope you can all follow this.
I while ago I did something and ended up having my daughter's gmail on my blog.  
Don't know how I did it.
Must have gotten button happy and pushed the wrong one.
Since, I now have my own gmail I figured I could take hers off and put mine on.  
Au contraire, mon frere.....
It just completely locked me out of my blog.  
I tried to fix it but, couldn't but was able to get recovery instructions from gmail and Katy was able to fix it this morning before she went to work.
Hooray for Katy!
Don't want to have to start a new blog....I just don't think I could come up with a title as much as I like the one I have.  

Getting the itch to do some Spring pieces. 
Went digging through the stash and found some that look awfully fun!
Was at the Stitching Bee this weekend and picked up the floss I needed, that I was missing.  
 The Primitive Stitcher Tisket Tasket is done in dmc but, I may decide to convert it to over dye floss.  
Will decide once I pull the thread and decide on the fabric.  
I have some gingham for the Springtime Messenger but, not the right color.  
I could change it up with some dye....may be worth the experiment.  

Have been working on Hawk Run.
I'm working on 36 count, over two with one thread.  
I am wondering if I should have used two but, have no intention of pulling it all our or going over it again.  
I think it should be fine, gives it a little softer look.  
Trying hard to remain a-political but, I am going to comment.....
Are they all nuts?!
Time to stop the shenanigans in all areas!!

Hope you had a good weekend and found time to stitch.
Have a wonderful week.
Keep on Stitching!


  1. Good thing you have a young person to help you. We are pretty much lost when we have a problem. HRH looks wonderful. Enjoy some spring stitching. I have done a few. Now to make them into something "cute"! Not my favorite part!

  2. I just got my threads for the Hawk Run Autumn and was wondering about the linen size. Would love to hear more about working on the 36ct over two with one thread. My second choice was 25 ct over one thread with one thread. Love that design and looking forward to seeing more progress by you.

  3. Nice stash, and Hawks is looking great.
    Have a great week!

  4. It's funny how kids are more computer savvy than we are ;)
    Glad it's sorted!
    Lovely stitching on Hawks Run and pretty new charts.

  5. Good progress on the autumn Hawk Run Hollow! Happy to hear you are no longer locked out of your blog!

  6. Faith is looking great, that's a big house to stitch!
    I hope you stay clear of more storms.
    Have a great week!