Monday, April 3, 2017

Primrose Farm Sewing Basket

I have been on a roll...I started Stacy Nash's Primrose Farm Sewing Basket.
I had to order the oval paper mache box.
I looked at Joann's, Hobby Lobby and Michael's for them.  
I found a set at Joann's online.
I do have a while before I get to that point.
I think it will be a quick stitch.  
Finished the stitching on Springtime Messenger.  
I changed some of the colors because of the fabric I used for it.  
There wasn't enough contrast between Mountain Mist and Lexington Green on the bowl.  
I used Oatmeal instead and then used it for the lace work on the border.  
I have to sew buttons on but, will probably attach them after I sew on the fabric as a pinkeep.  
Time out for an absolutely adorable picture of how Buster was sleeping Saturday night.  
Both his front paws are under his chin.  
Working hard holding the pillow down on the couch.  
This was a super quick stitch:  Tisket, Tasket from Primitive Stitchin'
Changed some colors in this too but, they are some of the same colors I have used in the last two pieces so there is some cohesiveness.  
I think the rabbit is very handsome.  
I need to do some picture rearranging for spring.  
I noticed I still have some snowmen on the hall wall.  
March stuff needs to come down.  
The ankle is getting better by drips and drabs but, way not fast enough....😒
That about sums it up.  
Need to go and elevate and ice.  
Hooray for stitching!
Have a great week. 


  1. Great Spring stitching! Glad to hear the ankle is getting better even though it is a bit slower than you would like.

  2. Cute Bunny stitching.
    Buster is so cute. :)
    Hope your ankle gets better soon.

  3. Stitching is beautiful as is Buster, what a cutie! Patience is the key all of which I find I don't have enough of when it comes to myself and healing 😂 But at at least with needle & thread in hand certainly helps❤️

  4. Love Springtime Messenger, it's beautiful!!!

  5. Super finishes and a good start on the Stacy Nash piece. Buster is a cutie.

  6. Those darn falls. My tumble off a big step still haunts me. Glad nothing is broken. Spring Delivery is very pretty.