Sunday, March 19, 2017

Really?! How Ridiculous

I decided to take a break from Autumn at Hawk Run even though I haven't been working on it that long.  
I started Spring Delivery from With Thy Needle and Thread.
He is a very handsome rabbit.  
I needed to do Spring or Easter pieces.  
This is extremely enjoyable.  
Speaking of With Thy Needle and Thread....I really wanted to get one of Ode to an Ort Basket.  
I missed out on one by one day.  
BUT.....How ridiculous is this.  
I wonder how many kits she actually made.  
Yep, personally I think it is ridiculous that it should be that limited.  
I really wanted the basket.
I saw that people were talking about wedding favors, I checked it out.  
I found a site that didn't charge an outrageous amount of shipping.  
I was worried I was going to have to order a ridiculous number of baskets.  
I didn't and it wasn't that expensive. 
I got six baskets for a total of $22.95 including shipping.  
I have plans for all six.  
 I think they are Totes Adorbs.
I heard the kits came with the pattern, fabric and finishing for $22
I am positive I can find something equally cute to put on the basket.  
BBD has lots of really cute motifs that will be awesome on it
 I really don't think it will be that difficult to finish the basket either.  
You can count on it that I will tell you how I finished the basket.  
So take that Brenda!
I do love your patterns but, come on get real....give us all a chance !!
 I had to see a cardiac electrophysiologist last week because I was having heart palpatations and had an irregular EKG.
No pain, no Shortness of breath so I wasn't worried.  
Everything was fine.  
Went again on Thursday with Bob and his mom.  She had to see the eye doctor for her macular degeneration.  
I had Bob drop me off at the Stitching Bee to hang out.  
There was a group stitching in the morning...usually there is one in the afternoon.
All the ladies in the morning are people I know from the retreat.  
It was great!
I got to catch up with everyone and had a blast.  
I had Kendra order me some new patterns from the Nashville Market.  

Today I also baked an Applesauce cake using Einkorn Flour.  Trying some of these ancient grains to see if Katy can eat them.  She actually did okay with the Emmer flour I used in bread.  
The cake is wonderful.  
She hasn't tried it yet. 
We will see.
Hope you have been having a wonderful weekend.  
Have a great week!
Keep on Stitching!


  1. I heard they coming out with more Ode to Ort baskets, but it only comes with the basket and chart. Y0u sh0uld have fun with yours.

  2. I'm sure you were disappointed in missing out on the little basket kit it was very sweet. However before you jump Brenda for not predicting just how popular these little guy were, one must remember every time a designer shows up with kits at market they are taking a huge risk... because they do not always sell out and then they have a lot of time and money tied up in product that did not sell. So it really a guessing game and they try not to disappoint, but some times it just happens.
    Your little baskets were a great find and I can't wait to see how they turn out.

  3. Good for you on searching out a source and getting your purchases! I look forward in seeing what you come up with. Happy to hear that your heart test turned out okay! It sounded like you had a fun morning at the stitch shop.

  4. The baskets are cute, glad you found a source to buy them.
    There's a lot of small designs to use them on.
    Spring Delivery is too cute.

  5. Great stitching and basket find!!! I am looking forward to seeing how you'll finish them off :) Have fun!

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