Sunday, January 8, 2017

I'm Sad to Take the Tree Down

I'm always so sad to take the Christmas Tree down.  That really seems to mark the year and it seems like it really marks  the passage of time.  Took all the Christmas cross stitch down and put up the more generic winter pieces.  Lots of cardinals in the pieces.

I'm not normally a fan of Rachel Ray.  She is a little too loud for me.  I think I prefer Ina Gartner's demeanor.  When I turned on the TV Thursday morning, Rachel was on and doing a tip show.  I liked some of the tips the handimen where giving.  Wasn't too interested in the Mother-daughter styling contest but, the Beef and Eggplant Ragu piqued my interested.

Decided since it is too cold to cook burgers on the grill, (high of 7 yesterday).  I wrote as I watched the show the recipe....then found it on line.  I thought that would be a good dinner.  It really was good and is in the make it again pile.  Here is the link to it and a pic of my finish.
Beef and Eggplant Ragu

Cinnamon Sticks Santa is coming along.  
I have the words at the bottom and the border to do.  
Will have to fluff up his beard with a bunko  brush. 
Hope your new year is going well.  
We are just hoping that Katy will get a job. 
It has been a long and exasperating process.  

Keep on Stitching. 


  1. I feel the same way about the tree and all the decorations. I took mine down last week. I felt sad for a while. The Cinnamon Santa is very pretty.

  2. Santa looks fantastic! I love Ina Garten but every now and then Rachael has a good recipe too. Good luck to your daughter. I hope it all works out very soon.

  3. Taking down the Christmas decorations also makes me sad, glad to hear I am not the only person who experiences these feelings. After taking down the Christmas decorations I put out Valentines. I find Ina delightful--like her style

  4. I took ours down on Saturday.
    Yes, I am sad too, I miss it already.
    I have so many hand-made ornaments, and hubby loves it too.
    He didn't really want me to take it down.
    The Ragu looks yummy.
    Great progress on Santa.
    Stay warm!

  5. Your Santa looks good. Taking down Christmas and putting up winter is on my to do list this week. The pasta dish looks good. Enjoy your day and stay warm!