Sunday, January 22, 2017

Coffee in the Middle

If life was like a Hallmark movie, I would be the older, chunky owner of Coffee in the Middle.
It is a coffee place flanked by a needlework store on one side and a fly fishing store on the other side to keep my husband busy.  
Did I tell you, I was quirky?
Everyone in Hallmark town would hang out there too and I introduced the couple to each other.  
Just a little whimsy.  
Came up with last night while watching a pretty creepy movie on Netflix called The Watcher.
I think it may have been a Lifetime movie and the heroine is a Hallmark heroine.  

Yesterday, the boys were taking a nap on Katy while she was chillaxing on the couch.  
They looked so cute together and weren't picking at each other had to take the snap.  
 Started working on Plum Street Sampler - Sampler Lesson Five. 
I'm going to mount this on a tin to use for storing magnets and other supplies.  
Everything is good to go on Autumn at Hawk Run:  fabric and floss.  
I'm using 36 count fabric but, it is still a huge piece of material. 

Otherwise and ordinary weekend that could be one day longer.  
Heavy sigh...maybe time to just take a day off.  

Hope your weekend was productive.  
Thanks for stopping
Keep on Stitching. 


  1. The doggies look so cute sleeping by each other.
    Great progress on lesson 5.
    Yes, the weekends do fly by.
    I think we all crave a day off once in awhile.

  2. The boys looks cute there. I wouldn't have guess that Katy was under them. You have made super progress on lesson 5. Good for you!

  3. Love the Hallmark movie story! How cute the dogs look! Good luck on Autumn. I did it a while back but I wanted a square so I picked out my favorite 9 blocks. Still took a long time.

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