Sunday, January 1, 2017

I Stage Like Crap!

I should title this something much nicer.
I will start with Happy New Year!
Hopefully 2016 didn't throw you too many curve balls but, it was an eventful year...
Glad its over.
Let's all hope 2017 will be stellar, happy and healthy!!!

So let me show you what I mean, I stage like crap!
I should take more pride in my pictures than I do but, always in a rush, rush, RUSH!
Homespun Elegance Cinnamon Sticks Santa is moving along and I got the missing Wisper fiber to do his collar and cuffs.  
It will take a little longer and then get thrown on the pile to finish.  
Notice the curled edge...bad!
 Finished the first sock for a pair for Katy in an Alpaca yarn.  
Made the leg a little longer per her request.  
Not blocked...heck I don't ever block socks.
When I'm done I roll them up into a ball and throw them at the recipient.  LOL.
 Working on a scarf for myself out of Mochi Plus it is a little of a lace design.  
I love the colors!
 I think I'm going to make an infinity scarf when I'm done.
Great staging again, notice the butter cutter in the back ground.
I got to tell you tho, butter cutters are the bomb, Casabella Butter Keep.
There are measurements on it to help you measure with out getting your fingers too messy.  
Tried to show how far I am on this.  
I will block it but, they do have a tendency to kind of fold up on itself.  
Played in my over crowded sewing room yesterday looking at patterns.
I have a tin box I want to make a cover for that I have found works great to store all the magnetic accessories for stitching.  
I have a pattern picked out.  
I may have to adjust it a little to get it to fit the way I would want it.  

Some blogs are just so beautifully done!
Maybe someday but, then I wouldn't be able to use my IPhone and would have to buy a fancy-schmancy camera.  

One more day off before going back to work.
The weather is suppose to cooperate so may hit the road for a shopping trip.
JoAnn fabric has yarn on sale 55% off and should go check it out.

Keep on Stitching


  1. Happy new year to you too! I'm not much of a stager either. I do love the Santa and the knitting is lovely. Looking at those socks makes me think I should take up knitting!

  2. Santa is coming along nicely.
    The scarf and socks are pretty.
    Happy New Year!

  3. Sweet Santa and socks! Wishing you a fabulous New Year!

  4. Enjoyed this post about staging so much, Monica, lol! At one time I tried to take more time with my photos and blogging - but who has time for that and time to stitch too? It's so easy now to snap with my phone and tap out a little blog post and be done with it! Regardless of photo quality, you have some fantastic projects - well done!