Thursday, September 1, 2016

A Bridge, Baskets and Honey Bee Hill

Last weekend we went to visit some friends at Houghton Lake. 
To get there, we had to go over the Mackinac Bridge.  
I'm not overly fond of going over bridges and this one is a doozy!
Fortunately, my husband has no problem driving over it. 
I would be a hesistant drive....speaking of that, did you know that if you are a hesistant driver, there are people who will drive you vehicle over the bridge?
Way cool.  
Before we went over the bridge, we stopped at the viewing area.  
A bell that use to hang on the bridge to sound when there was fog.  
Now it is automated.  
Statue to commemorate the workers.
My grandfather operated a crane during the building of the bridge.  
It was a beautiful day, the weather was perfect.

Just some pictures of the bridge as we were going over it.
I tried to take pictures of the water below but, you really don't get the full idea just how high up you are.
It is pretty amazing,  

Fort Michilimackinac on the down side of the bridge.
That fort is really cool.  
We took the kids there many years ago when they were about seven.
They do a lot of re-enactment geared to kids.  
They do a wedding in the chapel.  
When we were there, Ed didn't want to go into one of the building so we sat in on a bench next to the door and told him not to move.  
Being seven, he didn't listen and we couldn't find him.
We retraced our steps and still couldn't find him.
Finally, Katy yelled out, "Look, Mom, there he is, dancing with the bride."
Yep, he was dancing with the bride at the wedding.
He didn't listen so good but, was having a great time.  

Saturday wasn't as nice a weather day, it was rainy and yucky.  
We went to all the local junque and antique stores.  
I found some nice small Longerberger baskets and a small hand hewned trencher.
Also stopped at and arts and crafts store and found some yarn.  
Cleaned everything up.  
The little round basket in the back had flowers in it.  
It is too nice of a basket to throw out.  
They will make great display for smalls. 
My progress on Honeybee Hill.  
This is a great little stitch.  

That about wraps it up.  
Really looking forward to a three day weekend.  
Katy and I are taking a day trip to Sturgeon Bay and the yarn store The Spin.  
Hope you have a great weekend. 
Keep on Stitching


  1. Love the mighty Mac! Thanks for the beautiful pics and history.

  2. Thank you for sharing the pictures of your adventure especially the bridge. I didn't know about the hesitant driver "driver". What a nice lot of baskets and yarn! You are making good progress on your bee piece. Enjoy your weekend!

  3. The bridge looks amazing and it was very nice to go on this trip with you. Great finds at the vintage shops.

  4. I love that part of the world. I crossed that bridge many years ago. I think I was about 9. We actually considered retiring to Traverse City. There was a bit too much snow for us so we ended up here in the NW.

  5. Beautiful pics, Monica. The bridge reminds me of crossing the mouth of the Columbia River at Astoria, Oregon. It's also very high and it seems like they're constantly working on it. Have a great Labor Day weekend!

  6. Loved the pictures, so miss my home state. I've not driven over the Mackinaw bridge in ages, one day I'd like to walk across it. Hope you enjoyed Houghton Lake too, spent many summers up there with my grandparents. The yarn is beautiful, happy knitting.

  7. Great pics of the bridge.
    Sounds like a fun time.
    Honeybee Hill is coming along nicely.
    Have a great weekend.

  8. We detoured through Wisconsin to the UP to go to Grand Marais because of this bridge. I will NOT drive over it! You're brave to even ride across it, LOL!

    Great treasures from the antique and craft shops!