Sunday, August 28, 2016

Slowly Getting Back To Normal

Things are slowly getting back to normal.  
The funeral went well.  Nobody argued and the Priest did a great job.  
I was on vacation last week so I was able to get my part of the Thank You cards done.
I had meetings to start working on the financial end of things.  

Katy, Arttie and I took a road trip to the Stitching Bee last Saturday.  
We had that planned for at least a month.  
Here is what I picked up:  
Don't know why the picture has a blue tinge to it.  
I think these Little House ABC Samplers are very cute.  
 With Thy Needle and Thread/Brenda Gervais
In Santa Claus Land and Autumn Sampler of the Season.  
I have Spring and Summer.  
I think when I do these, I'm going to do them smaller.  
I saw them stitched up in the pattern size and didn't like them so big.  
and Jolly Happy Soul.  
 Some of the floss that I don't have to do some of these projects.  
 We did just got back today form visiting friends in Houghton Lake, MI this weekend.  
Another trip that had been in the planning for a while.  
I will have pictures to post in a few days.  

I am working on Black Bird Design Honey Bee Hill.
I don't think I'm ready to start fall projects.  
I should so they are done in time but, nope, not ready. 
I started it on the count on the pattern but, it was turning out too big for the box I plan to mount it on, so I went to a small count fabric.  
While in the car traveling I ripped out what I had already done on the 30 ct.  
I hate to waste fabric and just throw it out.   
I have also been working on framing and finishing projects.  
Need to take pictures of those.  

Have a good week.  
Like I started things are getting back to the new normal.  
Keep on Stitching


  1. So glad that all went well and that you are feeling able to get back to normal - lovely new stash to cheer you up!

  2. Glad everything went ok.
    Great stash!
    I think you needed that stash trip. :)

  3. Happy to hear you are working to redefine normal--stitching helps

  4. Keep on swimming, you will get through this sea! And this stash will definitely put you on the road to feeling a bit lighter :) HUGS and lots of love xoxox

  5. Glad you were able to take your planned trips. Lovely new stash you acquired. Thinking of you as you go along on this new journey.

  6. So glad to hear things are getting better for you. It all just takes time. I plan to stitch those little samplers too. I'm going to do them a one big piece.

  7. What a jolly good stash Monica!
    Have fun stitching all these little gems :)

  8. You have some great new stash there! Hope stitching brings you some peace and comfort as you adjust to your new normal.