Sunday, September 11, 2016

The Old Au Sable Fly Shop

On our trip home from Houghton Lake a few weeks ago we made a side stop in Grayling, MI.  
I have cross stitch as a passion and one of my husband Bob's passion is fly fishing.  
We made a stop at one of his favorite places, The Old Au Sable Fly Shop
He has a few shirts with this on it.  
The shop is on the Au Sable River. 
He filled my ears with all kinds of facts.  
I can't remember all of it but, the river had to be re-built for trout.
Logging had all but destroyed the habitate.  
By cutting all the trees down, the water temperature gets too warm for trout.  
Trees were planted, and things were done to make the river more hospitable to trout. 
Trout were replanted to and now it is one of the premier trout streams in Michigan.  
It is really beautiful there.  

I was partial to the trout fish carvings on the outside of the building.  
 I should have taken a picture of the whole shop.
It is very nice and full of some pretty wonderful fly fishing gear.  
Just saying, if you are interested and in the neighborhood, it is well worth the stop. 
I'm sure the trout angler could spend hours in there.  

We took a drive around downtown Grayling looking for coffee other than fast food or gas station.  
Took a couple of shots of the area and it is very cute.  

 Found what we were looking for at Thanks a Latte.
Great latte and charming place.  
Bob in the picture waiting for his Americano.  
 Back on our side of the Bridge, I think this maybe west of Manistique is this white bluff.  
Of course Bob knew what it was since he is a genuine Yooper.
It is sand that is used to make glass.  
Barges come right to it and load the sand for glass makers.  
Never knew that. 
 My favorite thing about going places is the side trips.  
Finished Honey Bee Hill.  
This was a great stitch and quick.  
I've been doing some knitting at the same time as working on this.  
I have a paper mache box I'm going to put it on.
I just have to decide what color to paint it before I put this on it.  
I was thinking either a light green or peach and then Briwax it.  
I may have to experiment before I decide.  

Hope you have had a great weekend.  
Have an awesome week. 
Keep on Stitching. 


  1. I always love to see any photos of Michigan, my favorite state after Washington! Great stitching. I am anxious to see how you finish the box as I have thought about doing the same thing.

  2. Looks like a relaxing time, and interesting facts too.
    Especially about the sand for glass, who knew?
    Honeybee Hill looks great .

  3. What a fun post to read, Monica! Thanks for taking us on your side trip adventure. Congratulations on your bee finish!