Sunday, September 18, 2016

Man Baking

My husband Bob is an Eagle Scout.  
For years he has been telling us how he can make all kinds of delectable delights with a cast iron dutch over.  
He is putting his money where his mouth is and ordered a dutch oven but, it is special.
To do this on a camp fire, the lid has to have about a one inch lip around the edge and be flat to put hot coals on top.  
Tonight he is making us Pineapple Upside Down Cake.  
 Adding the brown sugar to the melted butter.
 Cherries...just like mom use to make.  
 Mix up the cake batter and pour
 The coals on top with the flash.  
 Without the flash.  
Now just waiting 30 minutes until it is done.  
While we are waiting I will show my latest stitching.  
My friend Arttie is an excellent quilter, makes the samples for designers and magazines.  
She is planning on having a craft show at her house.  
Katy is making knitted things
Arttie's mom makes and machine embroiders fleece throws.
I thought I would whip up some pinkeeps from Prairie Schooler smalls like I did with the Hedgehog
Whatever I have done by this weekend will get stitched up as pinkeeps and hopefully will sell like hotcakes.  
If not guess what people are getting for Christmas.

 To get them to be the size I want, I stitched on 28 ct over one thread

Decided not to wait.  
 The final product and it smells great!

 It was a fun and busy weekend.  
Have a wonderful week.  
Keep on Stitching


  1. Oh, that cake looks delicious, my husband's favorite.
    Good luck with the craft show.

  2. The cake looks very tasty. Have fun with the craft show!

  3. Nothing like a man in the kitchen. that does look like a fun way to cook. Enjoy the craft show. I hope your pin keeps do very well.