Thursday, July 21, 2016


The word of the day Bumbywump.
Means "I have had a shitty week."
It started at 5:10 Saturday morning when I got a call from the Memory Care that my mom was on the floor.  She fell trying to go to the bathroom and couldn't get up.  She had a broken hip.  
She had surgery on Sunday, three screws and could but as much weight on it as tolerated.  
It was a horrible time in pre-op.  
Anesthesiologist (A):  I see she is a DNR.  Does that mean in the OR?
Me:  Yes.  She does not want to be on a vent.  Can you tell me she won't be on a vent?
A:  No I can't.  Her lungs are in bad shape so if we have to intubate her it is not likely she will come off a vent.
Me:  Then she does not want to be intubated.
A:  If the spinal doesn't work she will live the rest of life in horrible pain.  We will not be able to do surgery.  
Me:  Then we use pain medication
A:  You know that when she is on pain medication her SAT levels are dangerously low.
Me:  Yes, I know that.  It will be okay.  

The spinal worked, she didn't even need any conscious sedation because she had been up all night pulling her IV's out.....Bumbywump.  

She made it through the surgery and is now at a nursing home for rehab.  
She was sort of okay mentally on Saturday and Sunday before she started to sundown syndrome.  
Monday and Tuesday she was more confused.  
When she went to the NH on Tuesday, I spent 2 hours minimum wheeling her around to stop her from trying to get up.....Bumbywump
Today, Katy and I went to see her.  We talked to the nurse who said she must have escaped after breakfast and was found in the chapel sitting on the floor on her wheelchair cushion.  Must have slid out of her chair....I'm sure she did.  She hadn't hurt anything.  She was doing better today than yesterday.  
We sat with her after lunch and she looked at me and said, "Bumbywump."  I repeated it and she just laughed.  
I think I like it, Bumbywump.  
They are moving her to the Memory Care locked unit tomorrow...HOORAY!!

And now, for something completely different.
I finished my BBD now I need to finish it.  
Maybe when things settle down.  
 I am working on Prairie Schooler Summer Breeze.  
Haven't had much time to work on it.  
I have my college girls weekend.  Good thing it wasn't last weekend.  I'm going and plan on drinking some wine.

Hope your week wasn't Bumbywump.
Keep on Stitching


  1. Monica, I am sorry to hear about your Mom's fall and surgery. Lovely finish and love the colors in the PS piece! Enjoy your college girls weekend.

  2. You've had a week! Stitching is my life line--it requires my total concentration and I stop thing about all the "stuff" going on around me.

  3. Sorry to hear about your Mom, I hope she improves.
    Nice stitching.
    I like that word, Bumpywump.
    Have fun with your college friends and drink all the wine you want!

  4. Sounds like you could use some of that wine for sure. Hope this weekend won't turn into another bumpywump, and you'll be able to enjoy it.

  5. Thank you for bravely making and even more importantly, enforcing your Mother's choices. That's wonderful respect for her