Thursday, July 14, 2016

Damn Deer! and I Love Michael's

My petunias are looking great!
But, the on Tuesday morning when I got up, I noticed something was amiss.  
 The flowers on three pots were gone.  
Bob thought it was from the rainstorm the night before.  
Not what I thought
 It had to be deer. 
There are deer in the neighborhood.  
And they like petunias.
The reason I don't plant them in the front of the house.  
Our back yard is fenced in for the dogs but, its only a four foot fence. 
 I did a little research and found a concoction of ingredients that I have on hand.
I boiled water and dissolved garlic powder, added some Louisana Hot sauce because I didn't have cayenne on hand and figured this or Siracha sauce would work.  
I cooled it down and added an egg.  
I put it in a spray and spray them if they have been rained or water. 
Buds are starting to come back and the deer haven't eaten the other pots.  
 I have blogged about my love affair with the Prairie Schooler.  
I haven't done one in a while so, I have been going through withdrawl.  
I decided to do some of these.  
I acquired this one not too long ago.  
Love the pea
pods at the top of the first one.  

I love the colors of the fall one and the squirrels at the bottom corner of the first one.  
The thing is, I frame much of my stuff myself unless it is really big.
I new what size frames I needed and usually the three snap shot collage frames work really well. 
I went to Walmart one night, which is such a penance for me because I really try and avoid that store.  
I looked on line for parts and figured I could get a frame from American Frame for $20 which is not a bad price.
I looked at Michael's on line but, the ones they had like the Walmart ones now have a wooden divider between each picture spot not like the matt the older ones do.  
We were in Milwaukee for a doctor's appointment and afterwards stopped at Michaels. 
I found the best frames!!!
Outside dimension 9x16 inside dimensions 7x14.
I can work with that!!
I just have to decide on what count of fabric and away I go!!
The best part was BOGO free and I have a coupon for 40% off the third one.  
I can interchange the pictures for the season.  
Why spend all that money.  
I got all three frames for $27 not including tax.
My friend did one of the pictures and having it professionally framed for $45 including a family discount.  
Need to get the supplies in line, especially the fabric.  
I finished the BBD. saving for the next post and I'm working on a different PS one.  
And tomorrow is FRIDAY!

Have a great weekend
Keep on Stitching


  1. I am so sorry about the deer!! I HATE them too. One year they ate every rose off my bushes. I have given up on roses since then. I am always worried that those demons will find my garden! Great PS charts! The frames will look good with those designs!

  2. Great deal on the Frames, I just love when we can get a great savings. These are great Prairie Schooler charts. I will enjoy watching you stitch these.

  3. I like the frame you picked for your PS designs. Looking forward to seeing your progress! Have a terrific weekend!

  4. I had no idea deers actually hate flowers!! I thought grass & leaves were their main meals :)
    I hope your mixture is going to stop them munching on your lovely blooms.
    Great PS designs and great frames too.