Thursday, June 18, 2015

Coffee with Nancy

I have decided to participate in the Prim Stitchers (Face Book) SAL May Basket.  Its a freebie from Brenda Gervais at With Thy Needle and Thread.I have it all planned out:  the fabric, the thread, the supplies to finish it but, thought I might like some chenille or pom poms.  I have dyed chenille but, I don't have the right color. 

I checked out the available hand dyed chenille.  I have some hand dyed mini pom-poms from Dames of the Needle but, they weren't the right color.I decided to contact Nancy at Victorian Motto Sampler Shoppe Check It Out.  She has been doing some really awesome give-aways.Rather than trying to figure out what may be the right color, I emailed her a list of DMC floss colors that were possible matches to the thread I plan on using and some of my finishing fabric.  She has also been running a special on her Ebay store: buy 5 get #6 free. Initially, she didn't think she had any matches but, when I checked my email this morning she thought she possibly had a match to the gold I was seeking.   

This morning when I jumped on my email, I contacted her about where I could see the color.
I was sitting at the kitchen counter, drinking coffee, watching CBS morning show (I stopped watching the Today Show when everything was all about "whats trending"...what do I care?)
And she emailed me back, I emailed her, she emailed me back...more coffee was like having coffee with Nancy and I emailed that to her.She agreed and she also had some cookies.  I told her I hadn't eaten yet but, was going to have a bagel with some of Trader Joe's Sunflower Seed Butter....if you haven't had the chance, the stuff is great!She sent me a pay pal invoice, I payed it and its on its way...can't wait!

Damn USPS though.  I ordered some fabric and thread for my sister's birthday present.  I ordered it 11 days ago from 123 Stitch.  They are usually so fast.  I had an email from them June 8th that the package had been sent with a tracking number.  Apparently, it is hung up in Macon GA....what the heck.  Who knows when it will get here.  

Pictures of my flowers:  My peonies....I love peonies!

 The hanging basket
 Some roses, only a few have opened but,.....
 there are soooo many buds.
 The poppies are starting even though Henry Ford has trampled them down.
 Weigela in the back raised bed.  My ones in the front yard were damaged by the winter and a Prune-Happy Husband
 My old Virginia roses.  These can get spectacular but, again Bob gets crazy with a pruning shears and has them so trimmed back.
Not posting stitchy pics.  May be next time.
Hope your week has been going well.  Thanks for stopping.  
Keep on Stitching


  1. The flowers are beautiful. I also love peonies. Mine are finished but I had several wonderful bouquets from them.

  2. The coffee was great and we need to do it again real soon! And I am having the same trouble with packages with the post office. One lost for 13 days now.......