Thursday, June 11, 2015

Christmas in July but, First an Update

I plucking away at A Salute to Abigail.  
I complain all the time about not having enough time to stitch but, here I go again.
I signed up to participate in the Prim Stitchers Society May Basket secret SAL.
I have all my supplies together including, I think the finishing.  
And I'm waiting for some supplies to work on my sister's birthday present.  
And, like I said just not enough time.  
 I thought I might post a few pics of the boys.
Henry Ford is starting to slowly calm down.
He will be a year old next month. 
Bob has been taking him to hunting/bird dog training.  
So far, I think it is more training the hunter than the dog.  
 Henry wants to play but, he just doesn't get that he has to let go of the toy so I can throw it.
He really just wants to play tug of war but, I'm not falling for that. 
 Buster was at the groomers today.  
He was good but, the groomer was kind of crabby today.  
She better not be crabby the next time or I'll be looking for a new groomer.  
I think she was too busy today.  
He does look good.  
Finally, in case you haven't heard...
Her give-aways are usually very nice and this one is no exception.  
Stop by and enter, let her know I sent you!
Hope your week has been wonderful.
Thanks for stopping!
Have a great weekend.
Keep on Stitching!


  1. Abigail is looking good and the boys very cute!

  2. Great pictures of the boys! Happy to hear that Henry Ford is starting to calm down. You have made super progress on Abigail. Enjoy your weekend!

    Robin in Virginia

  3. Happy to hear Henry Ford is calming down and starting to mature. Boo on the groomer--maybe she was having a bad day.