Sunday, March 29, 2015

The Tooth

Katy was home this weekend to have the tooth that was filled over Spring Break checked out.
The tooth was fine, the filling was fine, the bite was fine.  
She has large nerves in the tooth and her jaw which could be making it more sensitive. 
The Dentist put her on and antibiotic for a week just in case.  
When she came home on Thursday, she had just started with a sore throat.  
By Saturday morning it was worse, she couldn't talk and she threw up.  
She was always my strep kid.  
The antibiotic for the tooth would work for Strep but, she was only on it for seven days and strep needs a ten day course.
Hence, a trip to the afterhours clinic.
That place was a zoo!  Fortunately we were only there for two hours (an hour too long but, that's the way it goes)
She was good enough today to drive back to school.  
I'm really OCD when it comes to the germs when the family is sick.  
Thank goodness for Clorox wipes and spray!
But, my throat is kind of scratchy tonight...that hopefully will only have to be a phone call to the doctors if it is worse in the a.m.
Maybe, its the crummy weather we have had today.

Now, on to something better...Spring Hare progress.  
 I am thinking I'm liking the pink letters and the little in his bow tie.  
Finally, when and saw Mom today and brought Buster.  
He was very good.  
He let people pet him and didn't leave anything behind, if you know what I mean. 

That should about wrap it up.
Have a wonderful week.
Keep on Stitching. 


  1. Hope your daughter is on her way to feeling much better and you don't catch it. My son was my strep kid when he was little. I do love that rabbit. I am trying not to give in and do a rabbit this year, but I do love the one you are doing!

  2. Hope both you and your daughter are feeling better quickly! Your La D Da rabbit looks good. I like the pop of color that the pink thread is providing.

    Robin in Virginia

  3. Hope you and your daughter are better.
    I like the Rhubarb color in Spring Hare, nice choice.
    Glad Buster was a good boy and didn't leave any "presents". :)