Thursday, March 26, 2015

Taking a Little Break

I decided to take a little break from His Eye is on the Sparrow to work on La D Da's Spring Hare.
People were doing it last year and dont-cha-know day late dollar short.
I'm working on it now and he is just so handsome!
 He is stitched in Garden Gate.
The letters around him are to be stitched in Sable but, I think I may do it in Rhubarb instead to make it look more springy.  
I just started working on him on Tuesday.  
It is really going fast so it won't be a very long break.  

Katy went back to school on Sunday.  
While she was home on spring break she had a cavity filled.  
She started having problems with the tooth as soon as she got back to school. 
The pain has gotten worse therefore she is on her way home to see the dentist tomorrow.  
Stocked up on Gluten free food and told her to sleep this weekend.  

Hope you have had a wonderful week.
If I can, I might try and do some framing this weekend. 
Thanks for stopping and commenting.  
Keep on Stitching


  1. I hope your DD gets all better soon. Good that she can come home and get some rest. That rabbit is quite a handsome fellow.

  2. La D Da Hare looking good and just in time for spring and Easter. Ouch for the dental pain--have an appt tomorrow--expensive and painful

  3. Your rabbit looks quite dapper! Hope your daughter's tooth pain is an easy fix.

    Robin in Virginia

  4. Spring Hare is looking good.
    I like the idea of Rhubarb for an added color.
    Hope your daughter's tooth feels better soon.
    Nothing like tooth pain. OUCH!

  5. I completely missed this hare last year and have seen it twice recently on other blogs! Really love it. Hope your daughter feels better soon.