Sunday, March 8, 2015

Starting to Warm Up

It actually made it to 38 degrees today.  Right now it is snowing a little.  Could spring be around the
Rotated cross stitch pieces around the house.  I got rid of all the winter ones and just put up a variety of Prairie Schooler:  Daffodils (March), Spring Time and Weather Wise.  I love Prairie Schooler but, I have said that before.

Took the day off from the move and getting things arranged.  I have to deal with the pharmacy first thing.  They will blister pack her medications and send them over the the Assisted Living.  I  have to stop at the bank to change the address and order new checks.  I  have to stop at the post office. The realtor is also going to be coming tomorrow.  My aunt helped clean out her closet.  I went through it again with her yesterday and really scaled it down more.

Here is the latest update of His Eye on the Sparrow.  I may take a break from it for a little while.  I really want to work on La D Da's Spring Hare.  I'm just waiting for the fabric and fibers.  I also have things coming from the Nashville Market.  The Stitching Bee went to Market.  She got 3 of 5 on my list.  I haven't asked her what she got.  I want to be surprised.  

That should pretty much wrap it up.  
I am taking M-T-W and already have Thursdays off.  
I was going to take Friday off too to recover but, my boss is being a prick. 
That is a whole other story that I won't get into.

So have an awesome week.  
I'm just wishing my life away for a few days.  
Thank you so much for the words of encouragement from many of you.  
Now to just get use to the time change. 

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Keep on Stitching


  1. " His Eye" is so pretty but very detailed so I can see why you want to stitch on something else for a break. I hope the week goes well, sounds like you have lots to do.

  2. Thankful for warmer temps--come on spring and Mr Sunshine! Your sampler is beautiful. Positive thoughts for getting your Mom settled

  3. Hope you get a break for some stitching time.
    Great progress on Eye.

  4. Best wishes on getting your Mom moved and settled in! Don't forget to take care of yourself during this time. Thinking of you!

    Robin in Virginia