Sunday, September 21, 2014

What Havoc a Mouse Can Wrought

When you find remnants of a mouse, you must tear about your kitchen.  
Everything was taken out of the cabinets washed.  The cabinets were sprayed with Clorox spray.
Many loads in the dishwasher and extra loads of towels.  
This is one time I'm glad my kitchen isn't bigger and it doesn't usually look like this.  
In the midst of the mayham, I turned around an found this:  two dogs on a couch.
Henry Ford can get up on the couch if he puts his mind to it.
 Finally, the latest on Prairie School Never More.
 I was hoping I would have time to do some finishing but, the kitchen was a consuming job. 
My cabinets, by the way, do look fantastic.    

Bob went to the hardware store to get a few more traps for the basement.
The clerk said the traps were flying off the shelf and the store itself was having problems with mice.  
It is that time of the year.  
Hope you had a mouse-free weekend.  
Thanks for stopping. 
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  1. oooppsss .... they like chocolate btw ... and sorry that one wee mouse caused you to spring clean .... love mouse xxxx
    ps awwwww to the wee furbabies :)

  2. They do make a lot of work, don't they.
    It's that time of year though.
    A week or so ago, I started up the dryer and heard a big clunk.
    I thought, great, another appliance gone. lol
    BUT, hubby went down and looked, and somehow, a Chipmunk got down the hose from the outside and was in the belt when I started it up.
    That is what the "clunk" was.
    At least he was warm. :)
    Nevermore is looking good.
    The doggies are cute.

  3. Been there and done that!!!!! So sorry. It makes for so much extra work. I do like the start on your PS Halloween piece.

  4. We had the same thing happen a couple of weeks ago due to the cooler weather. After the initial tear down/scrub down of not only the kitchen but bathroom too, we decided on a four-legged mouse catcher! Funny ending to the story, we went for a young cat and came back with one and a young dog sidekick as well!
    Love your Halloween piece.