Sunday, September 7, 2014

Wasn't Going to Post But Here It Is.

I wasn't going to post because it has been just too hectic.
Bob was up at 1 am.  
We have started breaking him into his crate.
Last night we were just going to put the one he sleeps in in the large crate and leave the door open.
Well that really worked.  
I don't think he liked it at all.
He was up at 1 am and Bob got up with him. 
He didn't take the bed out of the crate.  
I think he cried until I got up with him at 2 am and cleaned things up and took him outside.  
I took the bed out of the crate and he slept until 5 am.  
I got up with him again.  
Buster got up a little later and they both wanted breakfast.  
Usually Buster eats once a day but, he has been chasing a lot and needs more food.  
Buster is dealing with him much better and has stopped foaming at the mouth.  
 Look!  They are sharing Bob.  
 Again speed motion but, cute nonetheless.
 The best picture yet!
 One tired Buster but, calmer.  
We are just trying to maintain sanity and tire the puppy out as much as possible.
Have a wonderful week
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  1. Well, the best picture yet is very adorable! You know they make them that adorable because puppyhood is HARD! Good luck.

  2. What a cutie he is! Glad Buster is dealing with the pup better.

    Robin in Virginia