Sunday, September 28, 2014

Big Ass Ric Rac

I stopped at the quilt store to talk to my friend Arttie who was working, when I spied some black ric rac.  I figured I could use it to finish Ravens and Crows freebie.  
It is some big ass ric rac.  The top is conventional size and the bottom is some really big stuff.
I must say it is not easy to work with when turning a 90 degree corner.  
I used it and it is a little cattywombus but, I am not going to try and make it better.  
I will be posting it in the future.  
 While I was working on trying to pin this big honkin' ric rac, someone untied my shoe for about the hundredth time today.
 Mister smarty pants can get on the couch and brought his food bowl with him for a nap.
He is twice the size he was when we brought him home.  I swear you can see him grow before your eyes.
He continues to be uber pesty and is especially good at annoying Buster.  It won't be too much longer and under the couch will be a Shih Tzu haven.
 Weekly update on PS Never More...slow but sure.
Last night, Ed was laying on the couch watching TV and guess who made himself at home.  
It was a very cute picture capture on the cell phone. 
What did we do without cell phones?

It was a warm weekend.  Today, I think the high was 83.  Tomorrow the high is going to be 54.  That should be interesting.

Hope you have had a wonderful weekend and got much accomplished.  I always get alot accomplished but, not necessarily what I intended to.

Thanks for stopping
Have a wonderful week!
Keep on stitching


  1. That is some big ass ric rac!
    Sweet pup! What is it about pups and their bowls? Foxy decides it's much better to pick up her full bowl, dumping most of it all over the place only to set it down in a new spot and eat :D

  2. Cool Ric-Rac!
    Funny about the shoe. lol
    The PS is coming along nicely.
    The puppy has grown a lot.

  3. What awesome ric rac! Love the puppy pictures and you are moving along nicely on the PS piece! Enjoy your week!

    Robin in Virginia

  4. You are right , that's really big ric-rac!! Puppy is so cute! You all, including Buster, are showing great patience!

  5. Funny post! Love your PS pic.